What should you wear when deer hunting?

Let’s face it: there’s nothing as exhilarating as heading to the woods to hunt for a deer. If you want to have a successful hunt, you must have the right gear. It’s all about looking for what works for you. In this post, we’ll answer the question what should you wear when deer hunting?

Let’s jump right in.

Practical tricks when choosing deer hunting clothes

The clothes you choose can make or break your deer hunt; lets take a look at the top tips for picking the right clothes to take with you.

Consider the temperature

Most deer hunting season happens in autumn. While the temperatures will vary depending on your location, you expect the mornings to be chilly. And when the sun sets, the weather can be chilly again.

If you plan to go hunting in the southern regions, you can be sure the weather will remain warm throughout the season. But if you’re hunting in warm weather, you should wear a lightweight shirt and pants.

Dress in layers

If you’re hunting in cold weather, you should have the right amount of clothing. Think about it – temperatures can change any time of the day. To ensure you enjoy the hunt, you should adjust your attire to the temperature. For example, you can go for a short-sleeved shirt, vest, and lightweight jacket.

For the bottom, thermal breathable underwear can be a sure bet. If the weather heats up, you just remove the layers and tuck them away. When hunting below zero degrees, you should have at least two layers of clothing.

The fabric you choose will depend on the type of hunt you do – if you’re covering lots of ground, breathability is key. Breathable fabrics will allow sweat to wick away whilst keeping you warm.

You should also pay attention to the type of landscape and what it looks like. This can help you choose the right colour of clothing to wear so that you can blend in, just be sure to check hunting regulations as some areas may require you to wear bright colours so you are easily identified.

Choose waterproof materials

During autumn, most countries experience rain. Therefore, you should choose clothes that will protect you from moisture. Although the weather may look clear at the start of the day, a storm could move in, and you may end up soaking wet.

Always bring a waterproof jacket with you just in case, you never know when you might end up needing it.

In addition to that, you should invest in a pair of socks to prevent the feet from getting wet and cold. Don’t forget to protect your hands with waterproof gloves. A surefire way to stay dry is to invest in clothes made of GoreTex fabric, one of the most common materials found in hunting clothes.

Blaze orange

If you want to increase your odds of success, you should buy neon orange clothes. You can go for a vest or a jacket with patches on the shoulders or elbows. The trick here is ensuring the last layer of clothing is blaze orange.

There’s a reason why experts recommend this color. It prevents rifle accidents if you’re hunting as a group. Blaze orange is visible by humans when in open fields or woodlands.

Maybe you’re worried this color will lower your chances of nabbing a deer – don’t be. A deer cannot differentiate between green and orange. This explains why most camo items have blaze orange.

Deer hunting is a huge pastime, so you’ll find other people within proximity. With this in mind, you should ensure you’re visible. You may want to check the hunting regulations in your state just to be sure you are safe and legal.


Camouflage helps you become less visible to the deer you intend to hunt. But not all camo is created equal. Depending on your taste, you can choose an assortment of colours and patterns.

If you’re heading out there for the first time, you expect to find brown, green, and light grey colours.


A good pair of camouflage pants are a must if you want to hunt successfully. The pants you choose should have a rugged exterior to help you walk through the tough bushes.

In addition to that, it should have deep pockets where you can keep your gear such as a field dressing knife. You may want to ensure the pants are a little large if you want to fit a few layers underneath.

Face mask

A camo face mask can help you get that extra level of camouflage. Choose a mask you’re comfortable in and one that matches the weather. If you want to hunt in warm weather, you can buy a mesh mask.

That’s not all. A deer is pretty good at spotting reflective surfaces. If your face mask is reflective it can be en easy way to let a deer spot you – so make sure you choose a mask that isn’t reflective.


Just like any other clothing, you should choose a camo hat. If you’re hunting in cold weather, you should wear a sock hat. Of course, in the summer months, a light breathable hat can be great in warm weather.

Also, you should match the hat with the terrain. In some circumstances, a billed hat could mean the difference between success and failure. If you have to look at the rising or setting sun, it’s impossible to see a deer without a bill to shade the eyes.

Keep in mind that hunters face a lot of wind that can cause nasty headaches. You want a hat that fits fairly snug.


Once you wear a camo belt, you’ll never go for a hunt without it. A quality belt will keep the pants up and can be useful when the pockets are stuffed with gear and gadgets. You should also go for a belt with a matte finish because a polished one can scare the deer away due to being reflective.

Ghillie Suit

A Ghillie suit covers the face, head, torso, and lower body. It resembles foliage, so a deer can walk in front of you without noticing it. The best Ghillie suit should give you more than enough room to blend into the environment. But there is a caveat when you choose this outfit – Ghillie suits can make you feel twice as warm in hot weather.

Avoid cotton

While jeans and a t-shirt may sound like the best outfit for a hunt, you should avoid wearing them at all costs – for good reasons.

When cotton garments get wet, they take longer to dry. If you get an unexpected downpour, you’ll find yourself soaked through with no easy way to get dry.

Cotton is not very durable either when out on your hunting trips. It can easily be torn if it comes into contact with a branch, so you’re much better off choosing something with more strength.

Make sure you have plenty of pockets

The more pockets you have on your clothing, the fewer bags you need to carry. This also means that you have enough spots to store things. Accessibility also matters. Never assume a jacket with lots of pockets will be pretty useful. You should put the hands into the pocket and check whether they are easy to access. It’s also a good idea to go for pockets with zippers so you can keep your items secured.

Footwear matters

As you walk through acres of woods, your feet should feel comfy. Without the right footwear, you risk getting an injury during your trek. That’s why most experts recommend that you get a good pair of ankle boots with slip-proof protection. If you’ll be jumping over wet rocks or walking on leaves, you should invest in boots that give slip-proof protection.

Alternatively, you can buy camo shoes that fit properly. You may want to try them first to determine how comfortable they feel.

Tips to find the right footwear for hunting deer

So, how do you choose the best hunting boots? Let’s take a look at the main points you should consider before you invest in a pair of decent hunting boots.

Find the perfect fit

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying the perfect pair of boots only to find it doesn’t fit quite right. Therefore, when trying the hunting boots you should have the socks on. If you want to add a liner, you should go a few sizes up. Similarly, if the boots pinch, they are too small.

Most experts recommend that you try the boots late in the day as the feet appear a bit swollen. You can also try walking around with the boots to ensure they are not too wide.

Choose the right style

The style you choose will determine how much walking you can do and the terrain to use. You can select a pair that combines leather and nylon. And to ensure the perfect grip, it should come with a rubber sole. If you hunt in cold weather, you’ll get the comfort and warmth you need throughout the day.

Alternatively, you can go for rubber hunting boots. It’s what you need to splash through the swamps and marshes. Unlike leather or nylon boots, they don’t absorb your scent and will remain undetected by a deer. Even better, these shoes are watertight, so you’ll stay dry the whole day.

Know the weather condition and terrain

If you want to hunt a big game like deer, you need supportive boots. They will help you deal with rocky terrains and will give your feet the right insulation.

Final thoughts

Now you know what to wear when deer hunting for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. In a nutshell, your deer hunting clothes should be weather-appropriate and must keep your body free from elements.

It’s time you gear up for the next deer hunting!