What should you wear under waders when fly fishing?

If you’re into your fly fishing, you know all too well the struggle of deciding what to wear under your waders.

Fortunately, in this article, we will be going through some of the things that you might want to wear under your waders during your fly fishing adventures. So join us as we take a look through the best pieces of clothing you need to bring with you next time you go out fly fishing.

Fishing Pants with a Lightweight Design

One of the best things that you could wear under your wader during a scorching hot day in the summer is fishing pants specifically the one that has a lightweight design. The type of fabric used in this type of fishing pants would help you to maintain a low temperature as it is quite thin which allows for the breathability of your skin underneath. A fishing pant also has a decent level of sturdiness which means that you would be able to use them for quite some time on the water.

On top of that, the majority of the fishing pants available in the market nowadays are exceptionally well at wicking your sweat away and in turn makes it dry at a fast rate which means that you will not feel as though you are wearing a suit full of water. Apart from that, if you did bring along with you a pair of wading shoes together and you are wearing fishing pants at the same time, then you may choose to get rid of your waders and just enjoy your time wet wading in nature.

Another added advantage of utilizing a fabric that has a quick-drying property is that just in case you need to use your waders back, then you don’t have to worry about getting cold during the night as it dries out fast.

Long Simple Underwear


The major problem that seems to irritate a huge majority of people when it comes to wearing waders during summer in my personal opinion is the sweat that comes from your body rather than the level of heat that you would usually deal with. Most people would like to avoid having their sweat running down their legs when they are fly fishing in the wilds.

Besides that, no one wants the air to condense from the inside of their waders as it would cause such an uncomfortable experience that would affect the performance of their activities throughout the day. Hence, wearing long underwear might be just the solution to this type of problem.

The fact that long underwear might add slight heat energy to the body’s temperature is undeniably true but it could also at the same time helps you to prevent yourself from getting a feeling as if you are somewhere in a hot steamy sauna room. However, if you decide to buy long underwear later on then you should keep in mind that you should always make sure that the fabric of your long underwear features a liquid-wicking property. This is because you might want to prevent your legs from getting soggy from getting in the water for a long time. Listed down below are some of my recommendations for long underwear just in case you need it.

Gym Shorts with Pockets


Gym shorts can also be used as fishing pants and most people tend to use them because they are very effective in absorbing the sweats that are located at the most uncomfortable spots of your body.

This is all done without causing any sort of additional heat below the belt of your wading. Just like fishing pants, most of the gym shorts that are available on the market today would usually be made from a type of fabric that would wick away any sort of liquids such as your sweats. This type of fabric will help you to dry at a faster rate compared to any other type of fabric which is why I would highly recommend you to search for this type of fabric if you are looking for it online. If you give it a thought for a moment, you would realize that it is the perfect choice for you to wear under your wader.

On top of that, most of the gym shorts that are available today include at least two pockets that you can utilize as your additional slots for storage. This will enable you to store some of your things in there as well and you don’t have to worry if they get wet as most of these pockets are waterproof. Just make sure that you don’t completely fall into the water though as otherwise, the water will enter inside the pockets via the openings.


If you would like to live a more free version of your life while you are out in the wilds then you may choose to wear nothing but underwear. The only thing that you can wear apart from your underwear is a pair of socks but apart from that, let your legs get some fresh air. You might feel a little bit hot and you might also get much sweatier but then, who can stop you from living your free lifestyle?

Everyone should respect you for that as everyone has their personal opinions and preferences as well when it comes to the topic of the things that you should wear under waders. Wearing underwear also helps you to cool your body faster as more parts of your body are exposed to air for evaporation. This also means that most of your sweat will evaporate into thin air instead of running down to your legs. The movements of your legs will also help you to get rid of your sweats through inertia (a tendency of an object to move from rest). Hence, wearing underwear has a lot of benefits that you can utilize and it also makes you look quite cool.

Socks with Lightweight Design

Regardless of what you chose to wear under your pairs of wader, you will surely need to wear a pair of lightweight long socks on you.

Just in case you are wearing a pant, then make sure to tuck them in perfectly to your long socks as otherwise, you will have your pants expose the most uncomfortable small gap of moisture on the surface of your shin. Apart from that, you should always choose to have your neoprene wading socks that almost look like a regular sock and you should never go without them to prevent yourself from getting a perma-stink that could have been caused by waders that are worn through the whole day without the socks on. These kinds of lightweight socks can be easily found online and offline which are usually sold in the supermarket for quite a reasonable price.

It’s a smart investment for you to make to prevent yourself from having perma-stink which could be such a nuisance for you in the future. Hence, protect yourself from all unnecessary potential problems such as this one so that you will be able to enjoy the experience of fly fishing with your family members and friends peacefully.

Types of Materials that are Highly Recommended


One thing to always keep in your mind right before you wear your waders on (no matter what the current season is) is the fact that once you wear it, be prepared to endure the experience of becoming uncomfortable due to the accumulation of your sweats.

Regardless of whether you decide to bake yourself under the heat of the sun during the summer or to go for a long hike in the snow, you will surely get quite hot in a wader which will cause you to sweat quite often.

One way for you to solve this kind of problem is by putting on some type of clothes that can breathe some air in and wicks the sweats away from your skin like we have discussed earlier in the article. The thing to look for when browsing through these types of clothes is the one that has the base layers made up of polyester as it is a proven material that has the ability to wicks any types of moisture such as your sweats away from the surface of the clothes. Other types of materials that you might want to consider also include materials such as bamboo, nylon, and wool