What is Walk-Up Camping?

Walk up camping is the phrase given to when people decide to simply ‘walk up’ to a campsite without booking to see if they can find a space to camp.

The whole idea is to take a calculated risk, meaning there may or may not be any space for you or your family to camp in. Sometimes the campsite is just full because of the many groups or families that have the same aim, which is to camp out and enjoy nature, especially when the weather is ideal.

It is always worth researching a few campsites before you go to make sure you are allowed to turn up and get a spot. You should also have different choices that when one campsite is not available, so that you can go to the next nearest campsite.

There is also preparation that you need to do for you to catch the spot for camping, if there is one that is near your place, have someone go there early while the others are preparing the things that you need. When there is an instantly available spot, the others can get it fast. When you are all there, you may even have another site watched if it will be available as well, so you can transfer immediately.

Walk up camping is enjoyed by people who are spontaneous and would suddenly want to have an adventure of camping, and walk-up camping is the ideal activity for them.


Tents would make it easier for you to find a spot on a walk-up camp. As the walk-up campsite usually has smaller spots for those who want to camp. There is a significant possibility as well that the larger spaces are all booked up. When you have a ready tent on your vehicle, you are always on the go, and if you are feeling like camping any day of the week, you can pitch your tent up in any walk-up campsite.


The weekend may be questionable for walk-up camping, since most of the families would have the same preference for camping when there is no work or school the next day, but if you or your family have some free day during the midweek, you can choose this to go camping instead.


Some camping ground may not be what you have in mind, but they will do since they have a spot to accommodate you. Although many would like the perfect site, being adaptable would also not disappoint you.

You should have a list of camping grounds that you can check if the others are not available so that you will not be going home after trying just one that you know. The more popular the campsite, the lesser chance to get a spot. But be sure that it is a list that you check as well since there are available reviews that you can find online.

Some campers give some tips on the best place to go camping, as they have tried it.

Have at least a list of 5 to 10 camping sites that you can try.


If you are not sure which camping ground to pick, then you should be out and trying out the different camping ground early, do not leave late thinking you will get a spot at the first campsite cause every other people would probably be at the best spot before you do.

It is hard to beat someone that shows up early, and you can also prevent traffic along the way.


Make sure you have all the gear that you need so that wherever you will get a place to camp, you have all that you need and you need not leave to get something that you forget to pick along the way. Have your checklist of required items, e.g. Water, food, fire, lights, among others.


So if you don’t have plans to stay the night, that is fine, but if you are camping for the entire day and night, be sure you have the right camping gear with you. If you have no lights, no match, or anything that will help you while it is nighttime. Forget about staying at the campsite, you will just be sleeping with mosquitoes throughout the night, that is.

Bring what you need and have extras. Bug and mosquito spray is one thing that should be on the list.


You may not get the camping ground that you like on the first try, so be sure you are patient while driving or traveling to find the best spot. Be ready to drive, or travel far cause you may get lucky and get the space, that is not just too close to home but is the ideal camping spot.


If there are campsites where you need to walk in, you may need to leave your vehicle somewhere safe, then walk to get to the camping sites. Have gears that are not too heavy, but are most useful to bring with you.


There are available campsites during spring compared to summer, and it is the same in fall. You should bring the right gear for such weather though, like during fall, the weather may be cold and you need a proper tent heater.


You may have a bigger chance of finding campgrounds that accommodate group campers instead of single campsites. This is also more enjoyable as you are camping in groups and more people can work different duties while you are camping. There are also more activities to do when many people are involved.

The task can also be delegated where one can cook, the others are pitching the tent, so forth and so on.

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