6 Best Waterproof Hiking Boots 2021

As the summer slips by and we move into fall, it becomes more likely that you’ll encounter rain. Although this is in many ways the best time for hiking, it’s important you’re protected from unexpected downpours when you’re out on the trail. Choose a good pair of waterproof hiking boots to keep your feet dry.

The best waterproof hiking boots should keep out the wet while allowing your feet to breathe – after hours of walking, a poor pair of boots can leave feet drenched in sweat! It’s worth noting that all waterproof boots will need top-up treatments after a while, but you can reduce this by keeping them clean.  That said, it’s worth getting the best boots to start with, so we’ve compiled this guide to make your options clear.

Design Considerations for Waterproof Hiking Boots

  • Waterproof Membrane. Non-leather waterproof hiking boots will boast a waterproof membrane made from GORE-Tex or another proprietary material. These membranes should be fully waterproof (not just water resisitant) and also breathable to release the moisture that builds up inside.
  • Gussetted Tongue. This feature comprises a gusset, or flap of fabric, between the body of your boot and the tongue. The gusset holds out rocks or debris when you’re hiking on rough ground, but has the added advantage of providing seamless waterproofing across the whole boot. With this feature you should be able to stand in water and not get wet feet.

Top 6 Waterproof Hiking Boots Overview Chart

PictureNameOuterPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. KEEN Women's Targhee II Mid Hiking BootLeather/ textile$$$4.7
2. Salomon Men's Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking BootLeather/ textile$$$$4.7
3. Timberland Women's White Ledge Mid Ankle BootWaterproof leather$4.6
4. KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking BootLeather/ textile$$4.6
5. KEEN Women's Gypsum Mid Waterproof Hiking BootLeather/ textile$$4.6
6. Vasque Men's Talus WP Hiking Boot,Turkish Coffee/Chili PepperWaterproof leather$$$$4.6

Top 3 Best Waterproof Hiking Boots Reviews

1. KEEN Women’s Targhee II

If you’re one for venturing out on the trails in all weathers, then the KEEN Women’s Targhee II waterproof hiking boots are dry, comfortable and ground-gripping – a boot that is perfectly suited to the wet.

The attractive waterproof Nubuck leather upper of this supportive mid-height hiking boot comes in combination with a waterproof and breathable eVENT liner for ultimate protection against the rain. The liner lets moisture work its way out of your boot, while keeping water out when you’re splashing through puddles for hours on end.

Of course it isn’t just waterproofing that’s a consideration when its raining and wet. A safe grip is essential for sure-footed hiking, and KEEN have considered this, too. The widely spaced, multi-directional lugs offer a sure grip on all terrains, stopping you slipping when crossing wet rocks. The supportive mid-length boot also holds your ankles straight and true if you do happen to slip, preventing you tipping and hurting your leg.

Also available in Men’s sizes, the Targhee II are the best waterproof hiking boots on and off the trails.

2. Salomon Men’s Quest 4D

Sturdy, stylish and supportive. The Salomon Men’s Quest 4D2 GTX hiking boot is an attractive boot offering GORE-TEX performance and outstanding stability in less than ideal conditions.

These high-ankle hiking boots are an attractive choice, and packed with technology to give you a comfortable hike in all weathers and on all terrains. The Nubuck leather and textile upper boasts GORE-TEX waterproofing which is best known for its breathable comfort and water-resisting capabilities.  This will keep out torrential rain, while releasing the moisture from your feet after hours on the trail.

The stable Salomon 4D chassis and Contragrip outsole combine to help you keep your balance while traversing slippery rocks. A great grip and the additional torsional stability of a strong balanced sole result in a comfortable hike on all types of terrain.

These boots are quite roomy – you may find you need an extra pair of socks – but offer extreme comfort in extreme conditions. A great waterproof hiking boot for long-distance adventures.

3. Timberland Women’s White Ledge

A sturdy leather hiking boot which is waterproof when walking in the rain, the Timberland Women’s White Ledge hiking boot is a great choice for the price.

The tough leather upper has been waterproofed with sealed seams for added protection when walking through the wet, while the breathable and moisture-wicking textile lining does a grand job of keeping your feet cool and dry.  The biggest issue is the non-gusseted tongue, making these boots a poor choice if you’re likely to encounter water at any kind of depth, but rainy days and long, wet grass will offer no challenge at all.

Extremely supportive, with a comfortable EVA footbed that provides extra air circulation for healthy feet on challenging hikes, the White ledge is a great waterproof option for leather lovers on a limited budget.

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