6 Best Skis for Beginners 2021

Learning to ski has been on your bucket list and you have finally decided to hit the slopes and ski. Not only does it require a lot of courage and heart to ski for the first time but also a lot of research and analysis.

Research on the best ski and apparel that you must have on and analysis on the risk you are subjecting yourself to and how best to avert them.

As a beginner finding the best ski is really fundamental and should you get this wrong, the results can be really catastrophic.

We have decided to help you in this regard by compiling this list of the best skis for beginners.

Let’s take a look.

Things to Consider When Buying Beginner Skis

  • All-mountain skis. As a beginner you are better off if you start with all-mountain skis for the first few rides. All-mountain skis offer you the best possible performance across a wide range of conditions. This helps you ski better and manage the ski conditions better.

When you get sufficient ski experience under your legs, you can now think of finding specific skis such as powder skis.

  • Budget and Cost. As a beginner you should strive to find a ski that offers you better value for money. A ski that comes equipped with biddings is your best bet in this regard. Not only will you save cash as compared to when you buy the skis and bindings separately, you also get better integration of the ski and the binding.

This integration enhances your ski performance.

  • Opinion from Other Skiers. As a beginner you will be wise to consult experienced skiers on which the best ski is for you. They have probably tried different skis before and are therefore better placed to advice you in this regard.

Top 6 Skis for Beginners Chart

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Rossignol Men's Experience 88 Basalt All Mountain Ski$$5.0
2. Volkl Mens Kendo Skis$$$5.0
3. Nordica NRGY 100 Skis Black Mens$$4.8
4. K2 A.M.P. Aftershock Skis w/ Marker MX 12.0 Demo Bindings Mens$$4.8
5. Skiboards snowblades ski boards Mini skis 99cm blue Diamonds$4.8
6. Rossignol Soul 7 Free Skis - Men's$$$4.4

Top 3 Best Skis for Beginners Reviews

1. Rossignol Experience 88 Basalt All Mountain Ski

The best skis for beginners are definitely all-mountain ski and the best of them in this regard is Rossignol Men’s Experience 88 Basalt All Mountain Ski.

This awesome all-mountain skis have been developed to deliver the best performance and resistance in tough terrains. You are therefore steady as you ski and this goes a long way to help you build your confidence as you ski for the very first time.

It uses auto turn rocker technology and gives you good grip and stability as you ski. It allows you to ski effortlessly and smoothly and as a beginner this is what you are definitely looking for.

Its excellent manoeuvrability, stability and speed control make Rossignol Men’s Experience 88 Basalt All Mountain Ski the ultimate ski that any beginner should get.

Its retail price is relatively low when compared to other skis in the market and this makes it a great investment.

2. Volkl Kendo Skis

As beginner, the ski that you should get should be strong and durable to withstand the knocks and falls of your first few trips down the mountain.

It should be have excellent speed control and manoeuvrability for smooth and effortless skiing. It should have good grip for added balance and stability.

Volkl Men’s Kendo Skis incorporates all these impressive attributes and more. It is light in weight and this is great for beginners who are yet to master the art of skiing.

It is multi-layered and this gives it the needed strength and toughness to handle the knocks of your first few rides.

Experienced skiers will tell you that this is the ski that they used to horn their skills. Get a pair today and learn to ski the best way possible.

3. Nordica NRGY 100 Skis Black

As a beginner finding the right ski is the first step in becoming a pro. The best that you can get in this regard is Nordica NRGY 100 Skis for men.

It has good grip and this makes you stable and gives you good balance as you ski. It is double layered and this makes it strong and durable.

It has been designed to deliver an effortless and smooth ride every time you use it. It’s all-mountain capability and resistance to tough environments makes it the best ski that you can get as a beginner.

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