10 Best Ski Helmets 2018

10 Best Ski Helmets 2018

Safety in one aspect that you should uphold as you ski. As an extreme sport, falls associated with skiing mishaps and accidents can be very fatal. In this case you need a helmet, and a good one for that matter, to protect your head from the impacts of falls.

So which are the best ski helmets? You have probably been to the market to find a ski helmet and you have found it flooded with helmets of different shapes and sizes.

This confuses you even further and the task of finding the best helmet becomes really difficult. You don’t need to worry any more. We have developed this comprehensive guide of the best ski helmets to help you in this regard.

Things to Consider When Buying a Ski Helmet

  • Fit and Comfort. Finding a nicely fitting ski helmet is the first thing that you should consider when buying a helmet. A loosely fitting helmet allows your head to come into contact with snow and this results in those devastating brain freezes.

A tight helmet is uncomfortable and it prevents proper blood circulation in your head. This may cause you to get dizzy and even faint.

Comfort is a consequence of perfectly fitting helmets. It is also made possible by a soft lining on the inside of the helmet.

  • Ventilation. In as much as it may seem odd. Your head needs to breathe. A properly ventilated ski helmet makes sure that your head does not sweat should the weather get warn such as during spring.
  • Weight. The ski helmet that you purchase should be not be bulky and cumbersome as it may prove a distraction as you ski. It should also not be too light such that it does not adequately protect your head from the impact of falls.

Top 10 Ski Helmets Ultimate Table

PictureNameGenderPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameGenderPriceRating (1-5)
1. Giro Seam Snow HelmetMen$$$$4.8
2. Smith Variance Helmet MensMen $$4.8
3. Giro Women's Lure Snow HelmetWomen $$$4.7
4. Hicool Unisex Adult Snow Sports HelmetBoth men and women $4.7
5. Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow Sports HelmetBoth men and women $4.6
6. Black Diamond Half Dome HelmetMen $$4.6
7. Giro Launch Plus Snow HelmetKids both male and female $$4.6
8. Smith Vantage Unisex Adult Snow HelmetBoth men and women $$4.5
9. Giro Ledge Snow HelmetMen $4.4
10. Traverse Vigilis 2-in-1 Convertible Ski & Snowboard/Bike & Skate Helmet with Mini VisorWomen $4.1

Top 3 Best Ski Helmets Reviews

1. Giro Seam Snow Helmet

Giro Seam Snow Helmet is by far the best ski helmet in the market. The reason for this lies in its impressive construction, ventilation and comfort.

This ski helmet is modelled in tough plastic material that gives it the strength and resistance to protect and cushion your head from the impact of falls.

The feature that makes Giro Seam Snow Helmet different from other ski helmets in the market is it In-Mold construction ability that allows the helmet to take the shape of your head.

The helmet therefore gets to fit you perfectly and you are therefore safely secured from the impacts of knocks and falls.

This ski helmet is very light and it often feels like you are wearing nothing on your head. You are therefore able to go about skiing with minimal distractions.

When it comes to ventilation, no ski helmet does a better job than Giro Seam Snow Helmet. It has 12 super cool vents that ensure there is proper air circulation in the helmet. This comes in handy when the weather gets warmer such as during spring.

All these impressive attributes make Giro Seam Snow Helmet your best bet in finding a good helmet for your next skiing adventure.

2. Smith Variance Helmet

Of all the ski helmets in the market, Smith Variance Helmet Men’s is high up the list as one of the best.

It comes in a hybrid shell construction making it strong and resilient. This way it is strong enough to cushion your head from the impacts of shock and falls.

We all know that head injuries can get really fatal and Smith Variance Helmet Men’s effectively protects your head so as to avoid such calamities.

It has been designed with the latest technology so as to fit your head perfectly and this makes it one of the most comfortable ski helmets in the market.

And that is not all. This awesome ski helmet has a total of 18 vents to ensure proper air circulation. This makes the helmet aerated and this prevents sweat from building up when the weather gets a bit warm.

It comes with ear pads as well that protect your ears from the cold as well. The ear pads are soft so as not to strain or put pressure on your eyes.

It is now evident why this ski helmet is highly recommended. Ditch that ugly and ineffective ski helmet that you have been using and settle for the best; which in this case is Smith Variance Helmet Men’s.

3. Giro Lure Snow Helmet

Apart from functionality, a ski helmet should look good as well. It should be easy on the eye so that you can look good as you ski.

Giro Women’s Lure Snow Helmet offers you just that. It combines functionality and style and this way you are able to ski better.

It uses in-mold construction ability so as to take the shape of your head when you put it on. It therefore gets to fit you perfectly. It is light in weight when compared to other ski helmets in the market and it feels like you are wearing nothing on your head.

This makes it one of the most comfortable ski helmets in the market. It has several vents on its side for added ventilation.

For the best ski helmet then you should definitely buy Giro Women’s Lure Snow Helmet.


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