Best Recurve Bow for Hunting 2021

Getting into hunting can be an exciting prospect especially if you are opting to use one of the most natural methods. The difficulty lies in getting to know the difference between a good bow for target practice and what makes the best recurve bow for hunting.

In this guide we have included an introduction to choosing the right recurve bow for you and the top products on the market today. The majority of our bows let users go back to basics and really hunt in a more traditional way. Using this information you will feel confident when it comes time to make the final purchase.

Considerations for a Hunting Recurve Bow

There are some details in our chart that might not be straightforward for a beginner hunter using a bow. Bows can be classified by draw weight and draw length and both are very important to get right when you are using a bow for hunting.

  • Draw Weight. Depends on the strength of the user. The best draw weight is one that you can pull the bow back without much movement in your forearm. It is best to test this out before you make your purchase. In our list we have given the range of choices you have for a draw weight of each bow.
    • Remember: Each state has a minimum draw weight for hunting, this is usually over 30 lbs. but it can be higher and it is crucial that you check first.
  • Draw Length.  Working out draw length for the best recurve bow for hunting is a simple process. Stand with your arms out with your palms facing forward. Don’t stretch your arms but stand naturally. Measure from the tip of one middle finger to the other. Then divide that number by 2.5. This will be your draw length in inches. Extra tip: If in doubt choose a little less draw length as this will provide more accuracy that having it too loose.

Top 6 Recurve Bows for Hunting Table

PictureNameFeaturePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Buffalo Hunting Bow and Arrow Handmade Recurve Horsebow Longbow Draw Weight – 30-65 lbs. Maximum Draw Length - 31.5 inches. $$4.8
2. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Draw Weight – 25-40 lbs. Maximum Draw Length - 29 inches. $$$4.7
3. Huntingdoor Archery Traditional Recurve Bow Archery Longbow 35~55lbs Draw Weight – 40-55 lbs. Maximum Draw Length – 33.5 inches $$4.7
4. SAS Spirit 62" Take Down Recurve Bow Draw Weight – 22-34 lbs. Maximum Draw Length – 26.5 inches. $4.5
5. PSE Razorback Recurve Bow Right Hand Draw Weight – 20-35 lbs. Maximum Draw Length – 26.5 inches $$$$
6. Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow Draw Weight – 40-50 lbs. Maximum Draw Length – 24 inches. $$$$4.3

Understanding the Best Recurve Bow for Hunting

It all comes down to draw weight. We have briefly mentioned this before our chart but as it is so important we wanted to go into some more information here.

As mentioned before it is crucial to look to your state’s particular regulations on hunting as they make all the difference to the bow you choose. It also matters what you will be hunting:

  • 30-35 lbs: Turkey, rabbit and a range of smaller game.
  • 40+ lbs: Deer and elk.

To help you work out the right draw weight for you personally if you do not get a chance to use one out yourself before you purchase, here is a quick idea of the draw weight you should be looking for:


  • Small-Frame (100-130 lbs.) – 25-35 lbs. draw weight.
  • Medium-Frame (130-160 lbs.) – 25.35 lbs. draw weight.
  • Large-Frame – (160+ lbs.) – 30-45 lbs. draw weight.


  • Small-Frame (120-150 lbs.) – 30-45 lbs. draw weight.
  • Medium-Frame (150-180 lbs.) – 40-55 lbs. draw weight.
  • Large-Frame (180+ lbs.) – 45-60 lbs. draw weight.

Extra Tip: “Takedown” is when the two limbs of the recurve can be separated from the middle section, which is called the riser. This makes it easier to transport and it means that you can easily increase your draw weight at a later time, as you will only need to buy new limbs and not the entire bow.

3 Recurve Bows for Hunting Reviews

1. Sososhoot Recurve Horsebow

For this price this is simply one of the best bows on the market. It is beautifully made and can be shot all day with little to no discomfort. Every aspect of the bow is of the highest quality and it is clear that the craftsman spends a great deal of time taking care of every detail.

In terms of accuracy it matches the aesthetics. The Buffalo Handmade Horsebow feels very natural to hold and the draw weight will fit any hunting need perfectly. For performance, elegance and a bow that is user friendly for both beginners and more advanced hunters this is a great option.

2. Samic Sage Recurve Bow

The Samick Sage Takedown can easily be considered the only bow that beginners should opt for when hunting for the first time. While it might not be the best option for highly advanced hunters it will certainly serve beginners and intermediate users for many years.

The takedown aspect is very convenient and although they are removable there is no twist in the limbs at any point.  The use is very smooth and new hunters will find that their form will improve very quickly with the Samick Sage Takedown.

3. Huntingdoor Traditional Recurve Bow

With a graceful design the Buffalo Handmade Traditional Chinese Recurve is a beautiful bow. Not only does it come perfectly made but it is also swift, quiet and highly accurate. It will work just as it did the first time for hundreds of shots and this makes it one of the best alternatives on the market for hunting.