6 Best Muskie Lures 2021

If you love fishing then you have probably heard of the Muskellunge. You have probably tried catching it too and failed miserably.

Also known as Muskie, Muskellunge is one of the most elusive of fish. It is very intelligent and it is therefore able to avoid most of the traps and lures that you lay for it.

Without the right equipment, catching the Muskie is even more difficult. But don’t worry, we have your back. We have complied a list of the best Muskie lures that you can use for your next fishing expedition.

This comprehensive guide will help you catch even more Muskie fish. With the best Muskie lures catching fish will be easy, fun and enjoyable.

Top 6 Muskie Lures Chart

The Muskellunge

Also known as Muskie, the muskellunge is a member of the pike family Esociade. It is one of the largest freshwater fish as well as one of the most elusive fish in water.

It grows to weigh approximately 30 pounds with a length of about 30 inches as well. They can be found in large lakes and rivers and their diet comprises mainly of other fish.

It also feeds on frogs, crayfish, snakes, mice and other small animals.

Anglers and fishermen as well fish for the Muskie for food or for sport. But this is not easy. The Muskie can achieve full speed when swimming through water. This makes catching the Muskie very difficult.

The Muskie has incredible strength and they are known to vigorously shake their heads in an attempt to rid themselves of the hooks.

Top 3 Best Muskie Lures Reviews

1. Booyah Super Shad

The Booyah Super Shad is the best Muskie lure in the market. Not only does it guarantee an instant catch every time you fish with it, it is also last you a lifetime if you use it in the right manner.

The Booyah Super Shad is designed to mimic a bunch of fleeing bait fish. This plays into the mind of the Muskie and it will immediately give chase.

It has a 55 strand skirt in its rear and this enables it to move seamlessly in the water just as a real fish would to. This makes it one of the most effective lures for catching the big fish such as the Muskie.

It is made of strong material and this ensures that any Muskie that you catch does not shake itself free.

It price is very low making it very affordable whatever the budget you are on. It is therefore a must have commodity for any serious fisherman out there.

Are you “that” serious fisherman, the get yourself the Booyah Super Shad and improve your fishing fortunes.

2. Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure

Catching big fish is difficult. To catch big fish you need the best lures around and the Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure is definitely one of them.

It has a strand of hair for its tail and this plays a major role in attracting the muskie. It also spins as it moves through water making it even more attractive to the muskie.

It comes in a variety of colors with the black/grey lure being the most popular.

The Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure guarantees you of an amazing catch every time you use it to fish for Muskie.

Using it is very easy and even the most armature of anglers can effectively use it to enhance their fishing experience.

Don’t get frustrate, buy the Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure today and fish big.

3. Spro Bucktail Jig-Pack

The Spro Bucktail Jig-Pack of 1 is tailor-made to enhance your fishing experience by giving you the opportunity to catch the big fish. It is made of strong hooks that ensures that your catch remains caught and does not shake itself free.

Its head looks exactly like a fish. It has eyes just like those of the real fish and this adds to its attractiveness. When the Muskie sees this it just want to eat it; it just wants to bite.

And that is not all, this lure does not fall or hang down the middle like other lures. It is able maintain a steady position just like the real fish would do.

It moves seamlessly through water just as real fish do. All these make the Spro Bucktail Jig-Pack of 1 one of the best lures for catching muskie.

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