6 Best Intermediate Skis 2021

As an intermediate skier, you’re most likely stuck between two worlds. You’re not quite an expert that charges down black diamond trails at full speed, but you occasionally want more than what blue square trails have to offer. Intermediate skis are designed especially for you; they can handle fast speeds and hard curves, while remaining excellent for slower descents as well.

When searching for the best intermediate skis, you want to prioritize the amount of balance they provide you and something that can handle most types of descents with ease.

Fortunately, we’ve gathered a list of the top intermediate skis currently available, making your decision much easier!

Top 6 Intermediate Skis Chart

PictureNameTurn RadiusPriceRating (1-5)
Turn Radius
Rating (1-5)
1. Rossignol Experience 84 System 16 meters$$4.8
2. Atomic Nomad Smoke Ti Skis 14.5 meters$$4.6
3. Line Prophet Flite Skis 18 meters$4.5
4. Elan Amphibio 84 XTi 17 meters$$$$4.5
5. K2 Poacher 19 meters$$$4.3
6. Fischer Ranger 90 18 meters$4.1

Choosing Intermediate Skis

Whether you’ve been skiing for decades or even if it’s your 2nd year out, choosing quality skis will only make you a better skier. However, with so many different features and types to choose from, it can often become an overwhelming decision. Choosing the wrong pair of skis for your needs can make it even more difficult to get down the mountain with precision. That’s why we’re going to take a look at a few of the features that you’ll want to look out for when shopping for intermediate skis.

  • Turn Radius. The turn radius is incredibly important because it will affect how quickly you can make turns. For beginners, this should usually be a higher rating, whereas intermediate and advanced skiers will prefer a lower turn radius number, providing them with faster turns.
  • Flex. Choosing the proper flex is crucial once you reach the intermediate level. You will want to opt for a stiffer flex, which provides you with more stability. However, don’t choose the stiffest skis you can find, as truly stiff skis are better for expert-level skiers.
  • Width. The width of the skis is another important aspect to factor into your decision. Generally, wider skis are better used on slopes with little maintenance where snow tends to be fluffier. If you plan on skiing on maintained surfaces, you should opt for a ski width between 70 to 95mm.
  • Length. You want to make sure that the length of the skis is just right. For beginners, it’s better to go with a shorter ski, which is roughly at the height of your chin. However, intermediate skiers will be better off with skis that are at the height of their nose. Advanced skiers will often prefer skis that reach their eyebrows in height.

Top 3 Best Intermediate Skis Reviews

1. Experience 84

One of the best intermediate skis on the market is the Rossignol Experience 84. These skis were designed for perfect balance between on-trail and off-trail skiing, making it highly versatile for all ski experiences.

The Axial 3 120 TPI bindings are integrated onto these skis and the side cut is 135-84-120. With a turn radius of 16 meters, you will easily be able to make sharp turns with ease. One of the features that sets these skis apart is the round tip using Air Tip technology.

These skis are extremely fast, yet provide you with an outstanding amount of control even at higher speeds. If you’re looking for a very high quality set of intermediate skis, you will definitely want to consider the Rossignol Experience 84 skis.

2. Nomad Smoke

The Atomic Nomad Smoke Ti Skis are another excellent option to look into when searching for high quality intermediate skis. The ARC technology sets these skis apart from the crowd, providing it with a unique and natural flex.

These skis have a rockered tip, which is said to provide up to 85% faster turns. That along with the 14.5 meter turn radius ensures that you will always be able to quickly and sharply make turns when you need to.

The included XTO 12 Bindings are of extremely high quality as well, making these skis truly worth the investment. If you’re looking for skis that will last several years to come and will make you a better skier, you will love these skis by Atomic.

3. Prophet Flite

If you’re looking for intermediate skis that remain incredibly easy to handle, you’re going to love the Line Prophet Flite Skis. They are extremely lightweight and the 90 width makes these skis incredibly versatile.

With a turn radius of 18 meters, you will be able to quickly make turns with ease, while still retaining a sense of great control over your movements. These skis have a directional flex, a 4D Fibercap and a fatty base and edge.

As one of the best intermediate skis on the market, these are truly worth considering. They are available at a very affordable price range and they offer amazing entry level features.