6 Best Insulated Hunting Boots 2018

6 Best Insulated Hunting Boots 2018

When hunting season is getting close, it is time to think about updating your equipment, getting new camo gear and it also often means buying new boots.

As you go over rocks and water, through the woods and brush you need to make sure your feet are protected and warm. Getting the best insulated hunting boots can be a challenge when you see the huge number of options available for hunters.

Consider the following guide to make sure you are getting a pair that you can rely on in any hunting conditions that you might face during the next season.

Consider This

A lot of what makes the boot the best for you comes down to what season you will be hunting in, what kind of hunting you will be doing and the terrain that will be encountered.

Once you know you will need to be kept warm, however, that is the main priority. Putting the following features at the forefront of your mind when buying will make sure your feet stay warm in all conditions.

  • The Material. What your boots are made out of can help to determine how much heat they will retain and how much cold they will protect you from. Any combination that includes leather is good, as this is a natural insulation but it will also keep out any water you come across. Boots that are made with fabrics can also be warm but they will not be waterproof unless treated.
  • Grams of Insulation. Insulated boots often come with a number of grams of thinsulate that is in them for your protection. For the best insulated hunting boots, look for the highest number possible.

Note: The chart below contains boots for both men and women. The advice in this guide is applicable to all.

Top 6 Insulated Hunting Boots Table

PictureNameSurface MaterialPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameSurface MaterialPriceRating (1-5)
1. Danner Men's Pronghorn Realtree Xtra 1200G Hunting BootLeather/Fabric$$$$4.7
2. Men's Guide Gear 2400 gram Thinsulate& Ultra Insulation Monolithic Waterproof Boots Mossy OakSuede/Leather$$$4.7
3. Danner Women's High Ground 8" Break-Up Infinity Hunting BootsLeather/Nylon$$$4.6
4. Northside Women's Abilene 400 Waterproof Insulated Hunting BootTextile/Suede$4.5
5. Rocky Women's Core Waterproof Insulated BootLeather1$$4.5
6. Northside Men's Renegade 800 Waterproof Insulated Hunting BootLeather$4.2

The Best Insulated Hunting Boots for Your Money

Once you have hunting boots with the basics in terms of wear and warmth, you can start to look at the additional features and special add-ons that can really make the difference. This is the easiest way to find the best insulated hunting boots for you.

  • Socks: While even the best insulated hunting boots are designed to keep your feet warm, you will also need to wear socks that will affect the sizing and will create additional warmth. Consider this when choosing the size that your feet are normally and the size they are with thicker socks.
  • Waterproof? The cold often means that you will encounter wet snow or mud that will have an effect on your feet, should it penetrate the boot. If there is any chance that your boots will get wet, opt for waterproof options or buy a sealant spray that will keep the moisture out.

Top 3 Best Insulated Hunting Boots Reviews

1. Danner Proghorn Realtree Xtra

Hunting in the cold without the Danner Men’s ProghornRealtreeXtra boots is something no experienced hunter should ever have to suffer through. These boots are a must because they are not only made to be warm but they are built to last too.

Wear these boots in combination with wool socks and you will be set for a long stake out in a tree stand without becoming victim to the cold temps. The soles of these boots are also incredibly durable, which is a plus for climbing rocks and walking through rough terrain.

If you want boots that are also true to the size that is advertised, then this is a great pair, with room for big socks provided too.

2. Guide Gear Men’s Insulated Monolithic

The Guide Gear Men’s Insulated Monolithic hunting boots are incredibly warm, give you traction for climbing and trekking through the woods and they are super heavy duty.

When you first try this pair, they will be a little stiff just because of the sturdy build and the high-quality materials. After you wear them a few times, however, these boots will fit like a glove and keep you totally protected from the cold.

Rather than ordering larger boots to give you room for bigger socks, it is best to just order your normal shoe size. This is because these boots have been made with hunters, and their normal amount of clothing and protection, in mind.

3. Danner Women’s High Ground Break-Up Infinity

Women need sturdy hunting boots too and Danner delivers big time with the Danner Women’s High Ground Break-Up Infinity. These boots are durable and incredibly warm.

These boots are made with a great combination of leather and nylon, which helps to make them waterproof. These boots are perfectly warm on their own but there is also room for thick socks.

These are the best-insulated hunting boots because they keep your feet warm and protected for long hikes and long stakeouts too, regardless of how harsh the conditions are.


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