6 Best Headlamps for Hunting 2018

6 Best Headlamps for Hunting 2018

Whether you are using a headlamp for camping, nighttime hiking or for hunting, it is important to get one that is bright enough as well as comfortable too. This compact, hands-free option is much better than choosing to use a lantern or a flashlight but buying the right one can be confusing.

In order to choose the best headlamp for hunting, you will need to consider how it will be used in your specific situation and the performance specs to make sure you are getting the best value for your money.

Things to Think About

There are three main performance specifications that should be considered in great detail if you would like to buy the best headlamp for hunting.

  • Beam Distance. The beam distance is a combination of the brightness of the light as well as the ability of the lens to focus the beam. You should consider a higher beam distance if you want better light.
  • Lumens. This is the number that measures the light energy being emitted by the headlamp in any direction. While the lumens are important, the quality of the beam and the width are even more important for performance. Lumens should be considered in conjunction with the beam distance.
  • Battery Run-Time. For hunters and hikers especially, this battery run-time can mean the difference between getting stuck in the dark and missing the catch of a lifetime and getting your prize with ease.

When looking for the best headlamp, you should first consider the beam distance and then reflect on the lumens and battery-run time in relation to that.

Top 6 Headlamps for Hunting Comparison Chart

PictureNameBest FeaturePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameBest FeaturePriceRating (1-5)
1. Brightest Headlamp Flashlight with Red LED Light - Waterproof Cree Headlamps Waterproof.$$$$4.9
2. nyteBright T6 Headlamp - Flashlight w/ White, Red & Strobe CREE LED Lights 168 lumens using CREE XP-E LED.$$$4.8
3. Brightest & Best Led Headlamp Flashlight with Red Lights Up to 120 hours of battery run-time.$$$$4.7
4. Capper - Nano Ultra Bright LED Headlamp Flashlight Water resistant.$4.7
5. #1 Brightest & Best Flash LED CREE Headlamp Flashlight w/ Red Lights Up to 110 meters of visibility.$$4.6
6. BYB Super Bright LED Headlamp Flashlight with 2 Red Lights Steady Enhanced beam technology.$4.2

Buying a Good Headlamp for Hunting

The headlamps on the market today range from being suitable for use in surgery to being useless wastes of money. To get the best one, you need to find the combination that best suits your needs and your budget. Here are some things that the best headlamps should have:

  • Durability. You may be hiking through snow and rain to do some serious hunting or you may be simply hiking up a hill to get a better look at the terrain, either way, your headlamp needs to be able to withstand being worn in various conditions and being thrown into a bag without breaking.
  • Weight. Wearing a heavy headlamp is never a good option for hunters or outdoorsmen. Getting one that is lightweight to wear and to carry means having a headlamp that you will use more often.
  • Light. Headlamps can come with floodlights, spotlights, red options, or waterproof equipment. The floodlight is better for campsites and short distances while the spotlight can be focused on covering longer distances. The red option is great for using at night and the waterproof alternative tends to be more expensive.

Top 3 Best Headlamp for Hunting Reviews

1. LuxoLite CREE LED

The LuxoLite CREE LED is a really bright headlamp for hunting that provides you with a traditional white light and a red option that is perfect for seeing at night. This headlamp is lightweight and easy to control. There are options to enhance the brightness of the light with high, medium and low settings for the distance of the beam.

This lamp comes with a lifetime warranty and is even waterproof. It really does stand up to the test when it comes to durability. The LuxoLite CREE LED can be used in even the most difficult conditions and still allow you to see for quite a distance.

2. nyteBright T6 Headlamp

The nyteBright T6 has both a white light and red LED too which make it incredibly convenient when you would normally have to have 2 different headlamps to get these features. This lamp will allow you to see up to 110 meters in front of you, something, which makes this particular model great for hunting and shooting. The headband part of this product is very comfortable. It is easy to wear and easy to take on and off if need be.

3. Vitcheo V800 Waterproof

The Vitcheo V800 Waterproof has two separate buttons that operate the white and red LED lights. This makes choosing the right mode for your purposes incredibly easy. The lights on this headlamp are bright and can reach up to 110 meters in front of you.

Whether this is being used for weekend camping or for avid hunting, it always meets the needs of the user. It should also be noted that the battery life of this model is impressive. Even on the brightest setting, the lamp can last for up to five hours.


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