10 Best Fixed Blade Knife of 2021

Getting a fixed blade knife that suits your needs is important, and finding a quality one requires a bit of time and research on behalf of the shopper.

You need to understand which features you should pay attention to and understand the materials used to make this type of knife, which is exactly what we will help you with in our guide.

Read our tips in order to understand which features to look so that you end up choosing the best fixed blade knife on the market.

What to Remember

  • Blade Length. The majority of fixed blade knives will have a blade that is made of steel. This can come in different grades but it is all steel nonetheless. The real difference in the blades is the length. This can have a huge effect on how the knife is used.
  • Purpose. Fixed blade knives can be used for hunting, tactical use, throwing or self-defense. The purpose of the knife and the length of the blade are directly linked. Hunting knives tend to vary in size and material to suit the specific needs of the hunter in relation to their choice of prey.

The tactical knives and self-defense knives tend to be smaller so they are more easily concealed. Throwing knives tend to be slightly longer or around the 6” mark for optimal accuracy.

  • Sheath. Many fixed blade knives will come with a sheath or will require that you have one to safely carry your knife around. These are made in a variety of styles and come made from materials including nylon, leather, plastic and Kydex.

Nylon is lightweight and flexible, leather often lasts longer when properly cared for, plastic is the cheapest option and Kydex is considered durable with a snug fit for the knife.

Top 10 Fixed Blade Knives Comparison Chart

Handle Materials

In terms of the materials used to create a fixed blade knife, the differences really come in the material that was used to craft the handle.

Here are the most common handle materials:

  • Natural Materials. This can include wood, bone, leather wraps, etc. These materials will wear more quickly but this look might be appealing to anyone that wants a rustic style knife. This style is best suited for hunters or collectors.
  • Kraton. This rubber replacement material holds up very well in extreme elements and has incredible grip. This material is suited for the best fixed blade knife that is geared for tactical and survival purposes.
  • Metal. This is a popular choice for throwing knives but also can withstand a lot of wear and tear in any application.
  • Carbon. Carbon is one of the most popular choices because it is very lightweight and will last for a long time. This is recommended for hunting or tactical knives.

Top 5 Best Fixed Blade Knife Reviews

1. Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife

The Morakniv Companion knife is a great all around fixed blade. The blade is made of stainless steel and the handle is made of material that is easy and comfortable to grip. This is one of the most affordable knives that you could add to your hunting or fishing gear for gutting purposes.

It is sharp and lightweight so it is something you won’t notice when you are traveling to your hunting spot but it also isn’t a waste of space either as you will actually use it. While this is a good knife for hunting, it is also a good knife to cut wood or make tinder with.

The options you have when choosing the best fixed blade knife don’t have to cost a lot to be effective. This knife is the highest quality knife you could need for any outdoor trip and it will exceed your expectations in performance.

2. Gerber LMF II Infantry Knife

What sets the Gerber LMF II Infantry knife apart from other fixed blade knives is the quality of the build and the materials used. The high carbon stainless steel blade and the soft mold grip work flawlessly together to help you in any survival situation.

From carving and cutting wood to gutting fish that you have caught and defending yourself, this knife is suited for it all. The length of this knife is also something that should be noted as incredibly useful. It is small enough to be carried around on your hip or kept in a survival pack without adding any noticeable weight.

You will be able to use this knife more comfortably because of the way the handle is made too. In an emergency situation, it will be easy to control but for the more common use, it won’t hurt your hands either.

3. Buck Knives 891 GCK Spear Point Fixed Blade Tactical Knife

The Buck Knives 891 is a knife that you can really show off with. It is made of the most high-quality materials that look impressive as a combination. The wood and brass of the handle and the leather sheath, as well as the sharp, steel blade, mean this knife is unmatched in style.

While the style is key, it means nothing if the knife doesn’t perform well, which is one of the reasons this fixed blade has it all. The longer length means that it is suited for preparing larger animals, though it is not so large that you would mind bringing it with you on a hunting excursion or keeping it in your truck.

This is a blade that goes all the way through the handle, which makes it more secure as a single unit working together.

4. Gerber Myth Fixed Blade Pro Knife

The Gerber Myth is a full tang knife that you can really work with in a survival or tactical situation. It can also be used for hunting but it has the grip and the strength in the materials needed to be effective in an emergency.

The main reason this knife would do well in those situations is the diamond textured rubber grip. This is a material that makes the knife easy to grab and use without slipping whether the conditions are wet or dry.

First off, the quality of the steel is apparent from the first time you take the knife out of the box. It is sharp and clearly made to last with the convex edge. One of the good things about this knife is that you can choose between a fine or serrated edge to suit your purposes.

5. MTech USA Xtreme

The MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054 has it all: great grip, solid stainless steel blade, and a tactical style. The knife itself is 11” long, which is a good size for the grip and the blade considering the blade is exactly half of that.

The weight of this knife would have been something to be wary of considering the high quality of the materials and the overall size but this is actually a lightweight option. It is not light enough to wear at all times for self-defense, but it is good for hunting and survival.

It should be noted that this isn’t a great knife for stabbing motions but rather hacking and cutting. It would, however, effectively stab, if that kind of motion was needed.