6 Best Fishing Canoes 2021

Not every angler is satisfied to sit on the bank and wait for the fish to come to them, some prefer to get out onto the water and go to the action.

There may some occasions on which the fish simply refuse to bite and you may think you would have better luck at a different location. However, if you are only able to stay on the bank, your movements will be restricted.

In order to avoid the need for waders and to be able to quickly move to a location where there are more fish, the use of the best fishing canoe will be handy.

Top 6 Fishing Canoes Comparison

PictureNameMaximum CapacityPriceRating (1-5)
Maximum Capacity
Rating (1-5)
1. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Discovery 133 Recreational Canoe 3 people $$$$5.0
2. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Saranac 160 Recreational Family Canoe 750lbs/3 people $$$4.4
3. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Discovery 119 Solo Canoe 1 person $$$4.4
4. Sun Dolphin Mackinaw 15.6-Foot Canoe 800lbs/3 people$3.9
5. Sun Dolphin Scout SS Canoe (Green, 14-Feet) 3 people$$3.9
6. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Guide 147 Recreational Canoe 875lb$$3.5

Features of the Best Fishing Canoe

  • Capacity. The capacity of the canoe will not only relate to the number of proper that can use the canoe at any one time, but also the overall maximum weight that the canoe will be able to hold. It is important that this weight capacity is considered – especially with canoes designed for more than one person – in order to prevent the risk of sinking or capsizing when on the water.
  • Length. The length of the boat will govern how portable it is and how easy it will be to take it with you when travelling.
  • Material. The material from which the canoe is made will play a part in many factors, such as durability, weight and maintenance procedure.
  • Weight. Think about how far you will need to carry the canoe from the car to the water, for example, and whether this will be within your capabilities or if you will have the assistance of any other party.

The weight will also be a factor in how easy it is to transport the canoe from one place to another, such as when you need to carry it or if you need to attach it to a roof rack.

  • Storage. If you intend to come back with a bunch of fish, you will need to have sufficient space in the canoe not only for these, but also for all your equipment. Consider the extent of the space in the canoe and whether it includes a cooler.
  • Features. The features of the canoe will determine how effective and comfortable it is while it is being used. Features such as seat backs or paddle holders may not come as standard, so check whether these are part of the package when considering options before making a purchase.
  • Accessories. In many cases, you will need to buy paddles separately, so it is prudent to check whether there are any paddles included with the purchase of the canoe. Similarly, safety equipment may be necessary for a fishing trip but this may not be included, so will need to be purchased separately.

In order to carry the canoe from a vehicle to the water, it will need to comprise carry handles to make this process easier.

Top 3 Fishing Canoe Reviews

1. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Discovery 133

The Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Discovery 133 canoe is a three-person vessel, but which can also be used by one person.

It comprises three seats that comprise webbing, which is deceptively comfortable.

It is made from layers of polyethylene, which creates a canoe that is fairly light and easy to transport using the carry handles.

The Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Discovery 133 is easy to use for one person or with passengers.

2. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Saranac 160

The Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Saranac 160 is recreational family canoe capable of comfortably holding three adults and still felt steady on the water.

The molded seats are comfortable for sitting in over long periods of fishing and the seats include storage space.

The hull is thermoplastic and feels hardwearing and capable of taking a lot.

The Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Saranac 160 is an excellent sporting canoe for several people to enjoy a fishing trip.

3. Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Discovery 119

The Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Discovery 119 is a one-person canoe that feels surprisingly when you consider how lightweight it is.

The central webbed seat is well-placed to help an angler stay steady in the water. It moves easily through the water while paddling, which seems to stem from the overall weight of it.

The depth of the canoe provides sufficient space in which to store equipment.

The Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Discovery 119 is the best fishing canoe for a single person that requires a light, sturdy vessel.