10 Best Fish Finders 2021

If you’re looking for the best fish finder on the market, look no further than this comprehensive guide, featuring expert rated products. We’ve taken the hard work out of what can be an arduous task, especially given the range and models of fish finders on the market.

Read on for the highest rated fish finder – sometimes stylized as fishfinder – available at the moment, for any budget and skill level.

What to Consider When Choosing a Fish Finder

  • Sport or commercial fishing? The type of fish finder you’re going to be looking for will be largely dictated by whether you’re a sporting or commercial.

Fish finders for the general consumer will generally have lower depth ranges than more expensive and high tech commercial versions, however for many people this will be more than enough.

Commercial models will be more advanced all-round and generally far more than the normal consumer requires. However, if you’re operating a large fishing boat and going far out to sea they can be worth the investment.

  • Depth? The casual fisherman will probably only need a fish finder with a depth of 100-200 feet and more fish finders will have this capability. However, if you’re looking at fishing in deeper waters, you might want to consider those with greater depth capacities.
  • Screen Size? This can be a matter of personal preference. If your eyes aren’t what they used to be, it could be worth investing in a larger screened fish finder with a higher resolution image.

Sometimes, entry level models will be no bigger than your average phone screen and this can be problematic if you want more detailed images. Other things to consider include the size of your boat, as well as where you’ll be mounting the fish finder.

  • GPS? The best fish finder will usually have GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking as standard, however if this is something that you don’t need, then consider models without this feature and you might find the price drops significantly.

Top 10 Fish Finders Table

PhotoNameDepthPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Garmin 010-01551-00 Striker 4DVOver 300ft$$4.5
2. Lowrance 000-10961-001 Elite-7X Fishfinder with 83/200-455/800 KHz Transom Mount TransducerOver 200ft$$$$4.5
3. Garmin Echo 501c Worldwide with TransducerUp to 2,500ft$$$4.5
4. Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 Bbuilt-in GPS Fish FinderOver 200ft$4.4
5. Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder (Depth Finder) for Smartphone or TabletUp to 130ft$$4.3
6. Signstek FF-003 Portable Fish Finder FishFinder Outdoor Fishing Tool Sonar Sensor Boat Fish Finder Depth LocatorUp to 240ft$4.3
7. Lowrance Mark-5x Pro 5-Inch Waterproof FishfinderOver 200ft $4.3
8. Raymarine Dragonfly-4 Pro Sonar/GPS with US C-Map EssentialsUp to 1,400ft$$$4.3
9. MadBite FX3000 Fish Finder with Wireless Sonar SensorUp to 150ft$4.2
10. Humminbird 409620-1 HELIX 5 DI Fish Finder with Down-Imaging and GPSUp to 350ft$$$4.2

Top 3 Best Fish Finder Reviews

1. Garmin 010-01551-00 Striker 4DV

Ranking in first place according to our expert reviewers is a giant of the fish finder market, Garmin. Scoring 4.5 out of 5, the Striker 4DV model is an excellent bit of kit, which will delight rookies and experienced fishers alike.

Sitting comfortably in your hand, the rugged design makes it easy to grip onto and perfect for those days when the rain just won’t clear and you still want to get out and fish. As well as an ergonomic design, the small but beautifully clear full color screen makes it incredibly easy to see what’s happening beneath the boat.

As well as looking good, it’s functional too. It features built in GPS, so you needn’t worry about getting lost. What’s more, you can mark your favorite fishing spot and make your way back there the following day with this intelligent technology.

With regards to the fish, the CHIRP SONAR provides a range of frequency sounds which ultimately provides a greater range of information can be easily interpreted by anyone on board.

We recommend this Garmin for the experienced fisher, as the manual can lack detail at times, but even for the newbie fish finder user who has some experience in the area.

2. Lowrance 000-10961-001 Elite-7X Fishfinder

Technically sharing first position with a score of 4.5 out of 5 according to our experts is the Lowrance Elite-7X Fishfinder with Transom Mount Tranducer. This model is perfect for those who struggle to see the screen on some of the smaller versions, as it has a super bright 7-inch LCD display. Never miss another fish again, even in bright sunlight!

Furthermore, there are two sonar options – choose from the standard 83/200 KHz or the high definition 445/800 KHz version. This fish finder makes customizing and tailoring your fishing experience a much smoother process. No interpretation is needed, either.

This model is a fantastic example of the Lowrance fish finder range, and perhaps offers the best all-round functionality. Our experts found it even worked well at 15 knots, so speed shouldn’t pose a problem for this model. We think this would make the perfect upgrade for any experienced angler, or the perfect introduction to the fish finding world for a rookie.

3. Garmin Echo 501c Worldwide with Transducer

Third place, even though it shares the highest 4.5 out of 5 rating as its predecessors, is the Garmin Echo 501c Worldwide with Transducer. A simple to use model, this is a great option to which a transducer can be easily added.

As well as being easy to upgrade, it boasts a 5-inch super crisp display which can be easily read and understood even on a rocky boat. A maximum 2,300ft depth also means that you can be sure you’re not missing a thing.

Great at resisting water damage – surely a great feature in a fish finder! – this model also has an impressive battery life and a quick release tilt and swivel mount. You’ll be ready to fish as soon as you get this out of the box!

This is the best fish finder for those who like to fish in deeper waters, but don’t need such a large screen as the Lowrance offers.