6 Best Daypacks for Hiking 2018

6 Best Daypacks for Hiking 2018

If you’re used to using a school backpack or a simple drawstring backpack for your hiking adventures, you’ve been missing out.

A daypack is so much more useful and efficient than any other type of bag if you plan to head out for a day of hiking, so we’re going to show you the top six choices on our list below.

Goodbye, old backpack. Hello, proper daypack!

Bag Capacity

If you’re not sure what size of bag to get, most find that anything between 25-50 liters is ideal.

Runners and cycles will want something smaller than that, so if you plan to mix hiking with either activity, check out number 2.

Load Style

Decide how you’d like to be able to access your belongings by choosing either a top load or a front load pack.

  • Top Load. Top load packs offer you more room and are easier to stuff because they allow you to fit a few extra items in if need be.

The opening at the top has a drawstring rather than a zipper, which means if your items are bulging out of the top, you’ll still be able to close the bag.

It can be harder to access items at the bottom, which makes it less convenient since you’ll have to unpack everything on top in order to reach it. These are probably best for climbers who have a lot of gear they need to carry with them.

Check out number 6 below if you’re looking for a great top load pack!

  • Front Load. These are the most convenient choice and probably the best daypacks for hiking in general.

Those of you who don’t plan to carry a lot of supplies will find that everything is more easily accessible and organized in a front load.

Top 6 Daypacks for Hiking Complete Chart

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
1. #1 Rated Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack Hiking Daypack + Most Durable Light Backpacks Front load$4.7
2. Osprey Daylite Backpack Front load$$4.6
3. Hopsooken 30L Ultra Lightweight Travel Water Resistant Packable Backpack Front Load$4.3
4. OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L Front Load$$$4.3
5. Cycling Hiking Backpack Sunhiker Water Resistant Travel Backpack Front Load$$4.1
6. Outdoor Products Arrowhead Technical Pack Top load$$4.1


Here are the main features to take into consideration as you compare and contrast the best daypacks for hiking.

  • Torso and Chest Straps. To help distribute the weight more evenly, packs are usually equipped with chest and/or torso straps.If you have a medium sized pack that will carry a heavier load, the torso straps will be wider and help you distribute the heavier weight more evenly.

Small, simple packs have narrow straps that also help distribute weight but can be uncomfortable to wear for some. Chances are you won’t need them on a light pack.

  • Hydration Reservoirs. Most packs make it easy for you to incorporate a hydration reservoir, so if you plan on taking one, make sure the pack you’re interested in will accommodate it.
  • Pockets and Hooks. Water bottle pockets and hooks for Nordic walking stick or ice axes are also handy for some of you when out hiking, so if you need

Top 3 Best Daypack for Hiking Reviews

1. HIKPRO Ultralight

This is probably the type of daypack that many of you are looking for.

It is lightweight (weighs just 6.5 ounces) and has a 20-liter carrying capacity and you can collapse it and fold it away for easy storage. Ideal for those of you who plan to travel and need something that you can fit in your suitcase and use for your day adventures!

It is made of a durable tear and water-resistant nylon that can withstand light rain showers. The front pocket is perfect to fit your wallet, phone and keys and the internal pocket will fit your safety supplies, food, and extra clothing. Side pockets are great for water bottles!

2. Osprey 234900-345-P

This nylon daypack has a few more features than the previous pack; however, it is slightly smaller at a 13-liter capacity.

It features an external hydration sleeve, main compartment with internal pocket, front pocket with mesh organizer and key clip as well as to side mesh pockets.

The shoulder straps and back panel are lined with breathable mesh and the chest and shoulder straps can be tucked away so they aren’t flapping around everywhere as you walk.

A petite bag for those who want to comfortably carry the basics during their hike.

3. Hopsooken 30L Ultralight

The Hopsooken daypack is great for those who need a medium-sized pack.

It only weighs 0.7 pounds and has a whopping 30-liter capacity with plenty of storage pockets.

You can also collapse it and fold it into itself so it becomes a mini bag with one pouch and handle.

A durable, water-resistant nylon that is packed with space and won’t weigh you down. What’s even better about it is the price!


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