Best Crappie Bait 2021

If you’re searching for the perfect crappie bait to attract all the fish you could ever need, look no further than this comprehensive guide. Compiled from expert reviews, we’ve taken the fuss out of finding the best crappie bait on the market.

With a variety of different colors and sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find the best bait for you in this guide.

Top 6 Crappie Baits Table

Type of Bait

There are various types of artificial bait to choose from when you want to fish for crappie, including spinners, jigs, grubs, crankbaits, gulps and tubes, and we’ve included one of each on this guide. (This of course excludes the classic live bait options.)

  • Spinners. Are often considered the best crappie bait and have been around a long time. They continue being used because they’re so effective! Essentially a jig with an extra blade attached which makes the bait more differently in the water. This seems to do the trick and helps catch the crappie!
  • Jigs. Are also incredibly popular and often come with feather skirts and furry bodies. They are great for vertical jigging or for use with a bobber. Grubs can also be attached to jigheads and are an excellent artificial bait option.

Similarly, tubes and gulps can be attached to jigheads. Tubes feature extra ‘tentacles’ that serve to attract the crappies. They’re also durable, great for newbies and considered by many to be the best bait for crappie. Gulps are artificial minnows (usually) that mimic real bait.

  • Crankbaits. Can be pulled behind the boat and are perfect for summer usage. They feature two hooks, which attach to an artificial fish body, but take a bit of skill to get used to.

Top 3 Best Crappie Bait Reviews

1. Strike King Bitsy Minnow Bait

This tiny 0.125oz bait tops our guide, having been rated an impressive 4.8 out of 5. Although it is a crankbait, which has a reputation for being a touch more difficult to use, we reckon this is a suitable bait for kids and beginners.

Featuring a realistic fish like design in a variety of bold and bright colors, including chartreuse and white options, this minnow bait is fantastic at attracting the crappie to your line. Fire Tiger in particular has great success.

Only just over an inch in size, this tiny bait can be tricky to cast out very far but that doesn’t diminish its prowess. Plus, it’s incredibly versatile. You can catch crappie, of course, but also sunfish and bass depending on what fish you have in waters near you.

We think this crankbait is excellent for the beginner, funnily enough. It would make the best starter bait for a child wanting to progress up from a simple bobber.

2. Bobby Garland Shad Crappie Baits

The Bobby Garland baits are reputedly fantastic for crappie fishing, receiving glowing reviews all over the internet. What’s more they’re very reasonably priced for artificial bait. The Baby Shad is a firm favorite with anglers, so we can understand why it came second in our guide.

This bait comes in a pack of 18 and also has several color choices for you to ponder over. Whilst some anglers claim that white never fails, others swear by reds and oranges, and others by pink. There is no right answer, so why not get a packet of each?

At two inches long, these crappie baits are consistently high achieving, even on slow fishing days. Plus, they’re durable and plump looking, ensuring that you won’t need to keep replacing them as you get numerous bites!

We think these would make the perfect addition to any angler’s tackle, whether they’re fishing at tournament level, or just recreationally.

3. Strike King Mini-King Spinnerbait

This impressively intricate looking spinner bait comes in at number three, and it’s clear why. Featuring a premium Colorado Diamond blade, Diamond dust head and Diamond Dust silicone skirt, this bait is made up of only the best components.

It is perfect for the beginner angler, as it easily attracts a lot of crappie. What’s more, it’s designed to be used (preferably) with ultra-light rods and is an excellent option if you’re searching for a new, high-quality small spinnerbait.

For those of you who fish in darker waters, we particularly recommend this bait, as the spinner attachment works wonders at drawing in crappie. An all-rounder and perhaps the best crappie bait, as far as spinnerbaits go.