10 Best Coyote Calls 2018

10 Best Coyote Calls 2018

Any hunter that has previously used a quality call will agree that it immediately improves the success of a hunt. Although the benefits of having the best coyote call are clear, it isn’t always so straightforward to know which product will be the most effective.

The market is filled with a whole range of calls and this means it can be difficult to know which ones are really the best predator call devices and which ones will be a waste of time and money.

To make sure that hunters don’t end up with a poor quality product we have created a list of the top ten available calls and all the information you will need to choose between them.

Features to Think About

The first thing that you should consider when you are looking at various predator calls is that there are two main focuses. One is attracting the coyote with their own calls and the other is attracting them with the sound of their prey.

  • Wounded or Distress Calls. The benefits to this type of call is that it appeals to the intricate relationship of coyotes and the way they interact with other animals.
  • Prey Calls. This type of call is more universal to several types of predator and on our list is usually the Cottontail Rabbit. These are very effective but only if the coyote is hunting, which can vary throughout the day depending on the surrounding human activity.

Top 10 Coyote Calls Ultimate Chart

PictureNameAnimal CallsPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameAnimal CallsPriceRating (1-5)
1. ICOtec GC300 - Call of the Wild Electronic Game CallCoyote, bobcat, fox, wolf, bear, crow, raccoon and many more. $$$4.5
2. Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator CallA range of 64 digitally mastered sounds. $$$$4.5
3. Primos The Third Degree Xtra Loud Cottontail Predator Call by Randy AndersonCottontail Rabbit$4.5
4. Knight & Hale Cottontail Rabbit Distress CallCottontail Rabbit$4.4
5. Primos Double Cottontail CallCottontail Rabbit$4.3
6. Hunters Specialties Johnny Stewart Coyote Dog Howler Premium Mouth CallCoyote, mountain lion, fox, bear and bobcat. $4.3
7. Primos Promos Dogg Catcher Electronic Predator CallCoyote, bobcat, fox and many more. $$$4.2
8. Cass Creek - Mega Amp Predator CallCoyote, bobcat, fox, crow and many more.$$4.2
9. Hunters Specialties Johnny Stewart's Attractor with Remote Predator CallerVarious prey noises. $$3.3
10. Knight and Hale Heckl'n Howler Predator Call Coyote.$3.3

Getting a Good Coyote Call for You

On our list, we have included the two main forms of call. These are those powered by electric and those that need to be blown into. These both have their own advantages that you will need to consider before you make your choice between them.


  • More options when it comes to the included types of call and often the best predator call device,
  • It can usually be mounted in one place which means it is completely hands-free,
  • The volume can be adjusted to sound more realistic,
  • The flexibility of the types of calls means that the user can be ready for any situation and will be able to adapt quickly.


  • For the experienced hunter, this option gives a greater range of calls that can be generated,
  • The volume can be immediately controlled and adjusted,
  • This option is much lighter and is easier to transport,

Top 3 Best Coyote Call Reviews

1. ICOtec GC300

Having an electronic game call like the ICOtec GC300 is a foolproof way to attract predators, such as coyote. The operation of this device is incredibly straightforward. It is really loud too so you know it will be effective over a greater distance.

One of the best features of this game call is that it has a 300-yard remote control range that means you can be in the best position possible when the predator comes to investigate the noise. It is also good that this particular call can be used to attract a variety of predators for the hunters that like to change things up.

For those new to the world of using game calls, this might seem like it is on the more expensive side. To anyone that has used the cheaper ones before and experienced no added hunting success, this device is more than worth the cost.

2. Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call

The Primos Alpha Dogg Electronic Predator Call is a device that you can set and leave to get into a better hunting and visual position. This game call has been designed to withstand all kinds of weather and conditions so it will last for a long time. This is just one of the benefits to buying such a high-quality product.

This is a rotating speaker system, which means that it can cover more area than the average electronic game call. It is also controlled completely by you with an ergonomic remote that is really easy to figure out.

This is the best coyote call and general game call because it is so reliable. You can trust that it will perform when you want it to and how you want it to. This means it is also one of the most effective tools you can have as a hunter.

3. Primos The Third Degree Xtra Loud

The Primos The Third Degree Xtra Loud predator call is one of the least expensive and one of the most effective calls you can use whenever you are hunting. This is the best alternative to an electric call.

This is a call that is meant to be put in your pocket and brought with you, which means it is more durable than many of the other call devices on our list. Even though this product is sturdy it remains lightweight. You won’t mind having this call on you while you trek to a better vantage point.

This is a simple call that doesn’t take a lot of practice to get the hang of. You will find that you are able to use it effectively from the first few tries. Considering the price, you really can’t go wrong when buying this call, even if it is just to test out your call skills.


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