10 Best Climbing Tree Stands 2021

There is no other product that you can purchase that will transform a hunting experience more than a quality climbing tree stand. By getting one of the best climbing tree stand options that are available you will be concealed and secure throughout your hunt.

It is clear that a tree stand needs to be of a high-quality build as you never want to suffer a nasty fall or have a creak in the frame give you away at a key moment. To help hunters get access to the best available tree stands we have made a list of the top ten products for you to choose from.

Important Aspects to Consider

Here is some unbeatable advice when you are looking at all of the climbing tree stand options that are available on the market.

  • Full Seat or Basic Stand. On our list, we have included stands with full seats that optimize the comfort of the hunter for longer periods in the stand and those with simpler designs for ease of use and reduced weight.
  • The Size of the Stand. It is really important to be able to draw a bow or raise a rifle in a standing position and not have to worry about the placement of your feet. If you are concerned about getting the most comfortable shooting position then you should opt for a tree stand that has the largest standing platform.
  • Capacity. The best climbing tree stand will always be able to carry up to 300 lbs. Every product on our list will easily achieve this, so you will never have to worry about it holding you and your gear.
  • Stand Weight. This is our included feature on our list as this is the most important when you will be moving through the terrain on foot. Often a tree stand can seem like a great piece of equipment until you see the added bulk to your load. This can be avoided by opting for one of the lighter options on our list.

Top 10 Climbing Tree Stands Ultimate Chart

An Important Note

One of the biggest mistakes that hunters make when they are looking at climbing tree stands is to only look at the frame and the platform. While these are both very important they are not the only crucial features.

One of the main focuses should always be on the straps that secure the stand to the tree. This is often where the product is overlooked and they sometimes need to be replaced in lesser models by more heavy-duty options.

As any slip with the stand can ruin your chances at getting the kill or not, this is clearly the most important thing to consider.

Pro Tip: No matter how secure the stand is, you should ALWAYS wear a separate harness. Even the very best climbing tree stand can slip on certain bark and will result in dangerous falls.

Top 3 Best Climbing Tree Stand Reviews

1. Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand

If you are looking for comfort and camouflage in your tree stand then the Summit Treestands Viper SD is probably just the thing you are looking for. This seriously is one of the most cushioned stands you will find, which makes it perfect for long stakeouts.

It is also made to be incredibly safe too. It has a full body harness system and has the straps and spikes to stay in the tree exactly where you want it. Part of being safer means that this is also a heavier tree stand and will take some muscle to haul around and get set up in a tree.

Even with the weight, this is set up to be carried around with backpack straps so that does make things slightly easier. The overall setup is really simple but it is easy without losing any security.

2. Summit Treestands openShot SD Climbing Treestand

The Summit Openshot SD is the best climbing tree stand because it has everything that you want from a device that is going to be suspending you in the trees. It is heavy duty and will hold up to 300lbs. It is comfortable with a cushioned seat and it is totally secure.

Even though this is a tree stand made of high-quality materials, it is on the lighter side. This is good for any hunters that are less than perfectly agile and strong. This also means that the stand is quite compact so it is easy to take to any location.

The durability of this product means that it will stand up to whatever conditions and will be a tool that you can use for many seasons. You will feel safe and can also rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth.

3. Summit Treestands Summit Viper Steel Climber

This climber again by Summit is a cheaper alternative for those on a budget. Despite its price this thing really does pack a punch and is well deserving of a top spot on our list.

It is easy to get this set up in a tree or to take it down due to its quickdraw cable retention system. The ability to pack this stand up and easily carry it with all of the other gear you might have is nothing to complain about. To say the frame is made of steel this piece of kit is really not that bad to carry around for a while, but do be warned that after a couple of miles you might start to feel it!

If you’re not planning on walking far, then go for this option. It provides you with great comfort and support for a really reasonable price.