10 Best Catfish Baits 2021

Whether you are experienced at catfish fishing or you will be undertaking it for the first time, it will be essential to have the right equipment to get the most out of the experience.

You will need to create the circumstances that will give you the best chance of success against a wily creature that does not want to be caught. Besides having the best equipment for the task, it is essential to have the best bait for catfish, which is one of the key factors in attracting catfish.

By honing your technique and utilizing the best catfish bait, you can increase your chances of catching the best catfish.

Top 10 Catfish Baits Chart

PictureNameQuantity PriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Team Catfish Fiber Nuggets 64oz$$$$4.1
2. Team Catfish Secret 7 Dip Bait Pint 1 pint$$$$4.0
3. Wild Cat Charlie Type 'A' Blood Bait 20lbs $4.0
4. Team Catfish SI12 Sudden Impact Bait Jar, White, 12-Ounce 12oz$$$3.9
5. Strike King Catfish Dynamite Bait 12oz$$3.9
6. Danny King Catfish Punch Bait 14oz $$$3.8
7. Wild Cat Pre-Molded Catfish Bait 11.4oz$$3.7
8. Berkley Gulp! 4 inch Mini Earthworms 1.1 - oz. Jar 1.1oz$3.6
9. Catfish LD-12-12 Dip Bait Cheese 12oz$$3.6
10. Wild Cat Shad Catfish Dip Bait 12oz$3.4

How to Get the Best Catfish Bait

  • Quantity. The amount of bait that you will need will depend on the length of the fishing trip, the length of time you intend to spend fishing and whether you intend to share it with a fishing companion. Take this into consideration when deciding on the amount of bait you need to buy to avoid the risk of running out.
  • Packaging. The packaging in which the bait is provided is important as it will need to be convenient for you to take with you and use while you are fishing. For example, a screw top jar may be less easy to use than a pull top tub.
  • Hook or Tube. The type of bait you use will depend on whether you are using a hook or a tube on the end of your line. The use of a hook will enable you to choose from a range of types of bait, such as pellets or worms.

In order to use bait that comes in the form of a paste, the use of a tube will be necessary as it will act as the receptacle for the paste.

  • Accessories. Some types of catfish bait will come with accessories that will prove useful during a fishing trip, such as fish attracting spray or dip tubes. Check what comes as part of the package and whether the accessories will prove useful.
  • Storage. The manner in which the bait needs to be stored will need to be a consideration to enable you to ensure that you have the space and ability to be able to achieve this.
  • Type. You may have experienced differing levels of success in accordance with whether you have used either a lure or food, which may guide you as to whether you want to use a lure or food as bait for catfish.

The fact that lures can be reused will also be a consideration when compared with bait, which will need to be replenished when it runs out.

  • Size. The size of the bait will need to be appropriate to the hook or tube that you intend to use to avoid the need to cut up the bait.
  • Consistency. If you will be fishing in fast moving water, the consistency of the bait will be particularly important as there is a greater risk of losing the bait in the fast flowing water. Bait with a sticky consistency or that which can be threaded onto a hook will help prevent this from being a problem.

Top 5 Best Bait for Catfish Reviews

1. Team Catfish Fiber Nuggets

Ever tried Team Catfish’s Fiber Nuggets? If not, then grab a bag and give ’em a whirl.

The nuggets will easily attach to any of your classic catfish hooks (J, Treble and Circle) and they stay on pretty well. They are dry to the touch when you put them on the hook, but under the water, they get sticky and will leave a nice Berley trail to steer catfish straight to your lure.

The ingredients are effective to get strikes and the 4-ounce bag contains about 30 nuggets, so get some and see what happens.

2. TeamCatfish SECRET 7 Dip

Team Catfish Secret 7 Dip is a paste-style bait that that can be loaded into a dip tube on the end of a line.

The bait has a long history and comes from a recipe that has long been used by the brand in order to attract catfish.

It has a scent that is said to drive catfish wild and make it easier to catch them.

It has a sticky consistency and a little goes a long way as it does not take much to give the catfish a treat.

The lid is a pull off style that can be entirely removed to provide easy access to the bait. The lid is easily put back into place with some firm pressure around the rim.

Team Catfish Secret 7 Dip is the best catfish bait for those anglers looking for an easy to use product.

3. Wild Cat Charlie Type A Blood

Wild Cat Charlie Type A Blood is a catfish bait that tells you much of what you need to know right there in the name. One of the ingredients used to make this bait is blood, which contributes to its smell.

It is a strong smelling soft bait that is easy to manipulate between the fingers like putty, so it can be molded into the desired shape around a hook or into a pellet that can fit into a dip tube.

It is the smell that attracts the catfish, and this one is bound to be able to be able to be detected by catfish under water.

Wild Cat Charlie Type A Blood is a great bait for attracting catfish.

4. Team Catfish SI12 Sudden Impact

Team Catfish SI12 Sudden Impact is a 12oz jar of bait that is fiber enriched, which gives it a thick consistency.

The hook can be dipped straight into the jar and some of the bait pulled out with it, so it sticks well and remains in place in the water.

The consistency means that the scent and pieces of the bait gradually release into the water in order to attract catfish.

Team Catfish SI12 Sudden Impact is a conveniently sized jar of bait that is effective at attracting catfish.

5. Strike King Catfish Dynamite

Strike King Catfish Dynamite is a catfish bait that comes in either blood or cheese format.

Though the lid is tight-fitting, it can be removed by hand and is simple to push back into place, but even when the lid was left off for a short period of time, it did not dry out. There is also no need to refrigerate it and the tub can simply be stored in a cool, dry place when it is not in use.

It is easy to load onto the hook and stays there in order to attract catfish. It is possible to use by itself or with worms.

Strike King Catfish Dynamite is an ideal bait that has qualities that make it specifically designed for attracting catfish.