6 Best Bowfishing Bows 2021

Whether you are into bowfishing already or are beginning to expand your hunting and fishing skill set, getting the best bowfishing bow will entirely change your experience.

As this is a hybrid experience, it requires some hybrid equipment that can make it difficult to understand which specs and features that will provide you with success.

To help you get into the bowfishing game or understand it even better we have developed this guide. Follow our advice and consider the important specs we have laid out and you will be off catching fish in no time.

Questions to Consider

  • Should You Start from Scratch or Buy a Compound Bow? Buying a bare bow that you add the parts too can be fun and often less expensive but it also requires the hunter/fisherman to have a knowledge of how each piece works and how to put it together correctly.

For anyone that wants guaranteed high-quality performance and durability, buying a compound bow is the best option and the reason the most popular bows on the market are compounds with all of the parts you need.

  • Which Draw Weight Should You Choose? The draw weight that you should choose has a lot to do with your weight and level of athleticism. 40-50lbs is a good draw weight for smaller men and larger women and larger men should look for a draw weight of 50+. Smaller women and teenagers will find the best results with a draw weight in the range of 25-40lbs.

Tip: Once you purchase the best bowfishing bow for you, you should adjust to the equipment, not expect the equipment to adjust to you. The draw length and the weight are set and hunting and fishing to them specifically will give you the best results.

Top 6 Bowfishing Bows Table

PictureNameDraw Weight (Pounds)PriceRating (1-5)
Draw Weight (Pounds)
Rating (1-5)
1. PSE Tidal Wave Bowfishing Bow Package40$$$$4.4
2. PSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bowfishing Kit40 or 45$$4.0
3. Precision Shooting Equipment Discovery Bowfishing Bow Pack29$$$4.0
4. Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Bow Package Ready to Fish50$$3.9
5. Arrow Precision Frenzy Bowfishing Set40$3.7
6. Muzzy 7505 40# 28" Recurve Bowfishing Kit45$3.5

What Makes For a Good Bowfishing Bow?

All of the different parts and features come together to make the best bowfishing bow overall. Consider all of the following parts and the quality to ensure you are getting the best equipment for you:

  • The Bow: The bow should be made of heavy weight fiberglass, solid aluminum, pure carbon or fiberglass that has been reinforced with carbon. Any other material will not deliver the same power that you want for bowfishing.
  • The Reel: You have a few options when it comes to reels. There are wrap, spincast and retriever reels. The hand-wrap is the most straightforward and is perfect for beginners while the spincast reel is faster and more precise, though it requires experience to be effective.
  • The Line: You will still use fishing line when bowfishing. This should be made of braided nylon, Dacron or Spectra for catches that will weigh between 80-400lbs. Any more weight than that requires specialty lines.

Top 3 Best Bowfishing Bow Reviews

1. PSE Tidal Wave

Assembly of the PSE Tidal Wave is incredibly easy, which makes it a great bow from the start. Another initial positive about this bow is that it looks great and will definitely make other bowfishers jealous.

The bow itself is incredibly durable and is only made of the finest materials so it holds up in all conditions. This is also one of the most precise bows you will ever use, which is obviously of huge importance.

High-quality arrows make for the best match with this bow. This combo will give you the best experience with the bow and lead to successful fishing.

2. PSE Kingfisher Right Hand

The PSE Kingfisher Right Hand is a great bow considering the relatively affordable price. This is a solidly built piece of fishing/hunting equipment that is easy to use and tinker with.

While this bow comes with just a few bolts to tighten before it is completely ready, there is otherwise very little to no maintenance that needs to be done throughout the season.

In terms of the draw weight, another huge plus of having this bow is that you can get one that is either 40lbs or 45lbs based on what you are used to or on what you can handle.

3. Precision Shooting Equipment Discovery

There is just something about using the Precision Shooting Equipment Discovery to shoot fish rather than the traditional fishing pole that makes the entire experience a lot more enjoyable.

The draw weight of this bow is on the lighter side, but that doesn’t mean that anything about this bow is of lesser quality. It is the best bowfishing bow for anyone that needs this particular weight, possibly even kids.

You get more than enough power with the Precision Shooting Equipment Discovery and when used with the right arrows, there is great precision too. Being accurate means having even better fishing trips.

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