10 Best Bows for Hunting 2021

If you’re looking for a bow to take down big game but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Researching how to find the best bow for hunting can be overwhelming. All of the terminology and acronyms can be confusing enough to make your head hurt, but choosing a good bow could mean the difference between a successful hunt and coming home empty handed.

We’re here to help you navigate through all of the buzzwords and industry sales pitches and get down to what matters. Use this guide to help you choose a good bow and ultimately put meat on the table.

Consider This

There is a lot more to bow hunting than just a good bow. To have success in the field, you should also consider the accessories your bow will need, such as sights, arrow rest, bow release, quiver, arrows, silencers, and more. Some bows come equipped with some of these accessories, but most do not.

  • What Accessories Do You Need? Carefully read what is included in your bow purchase and take into consideration what other equipment you’ll need to purchase when pricing your bow.
  • Know the Axle-To-Axle Length. It’s important to know the axle-to-axle length of your bow. This is the measurement from top to bottom. Not every bow is suitable for all hunting conditions. A bow with a long axle-to-axle measurement will be fine for shooting turkeys from the ground; however, a shorter bow is more suited to hunting in a tight blind or dense forest conditions.
  • Lefties, Make Sure You Choose Wisely! If you are a left-handed shooter, you’ll want to purchase a bow that is made specifically for you. Some models are available in a left-handed version. Some are not.

Top 10 Bows for Hunting Table

PictureNameDraw WeightPriceRating (1-5)
Draw Weight
Rating (1-5)
1. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package 5-70 pounds$$4.6
2. Bear Archery Attitude Compound Bow RTH Realtree RH 70lb A4AT11007R 60-70 pounds$$4.6
3. Leader Accessories Compound Bow Hunting Bow 50-70lbs 25" - 31" with Max Speed 310fps 50-70 pounds$4.4
4. Quest Radical Right Hand Package 15-70 pounds$$4.4
5. SAS Sergeant 55 Lb 27-29'' Draw Length Compound Bow with Cable Guard,w Rest 55 pounds$4.3
6. SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow 55-70 pounds$4.2
7. iGlow 55 lb Black / Sliver / Camouflage Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow 40-55 pounds$4.2
8. Apollo Tactical USA, Tactical Compound Bow Package CNC MILLED ALUMINUM 25-70 pounds$$$$4.2
9. Diamond By Bowtech Core 40-70# 25"-30# Right Hand Compound Bow Package 40-70 pounds$$$4.1
10. SAS Scorpii 55 Lb 29" Compound Bow 30-55 pounds$4.1

Buying Information

Don’t just jump into buying a bow for hunting without first reading this section!

Here is some basic information to help you pick just the right bow for you.

  • Draw Length. Not every bow is designed to fit every shooter. Everyone is different, and a bow that shoots well for an extra tall man just isn’t going to cut it for a petite woman. Your bow should fit your body structure, and the most important aspect of this is draw length. You don’t want a bow with a draw length that is too short or too long. Shooting will be awkward and inconsistent with a bow that doesn’t fit you.

To figure your draw length quickly, stand up and extend both arms out to your sides. Have a buddy measure from the tip of one index finger to the other. Divide this number by 2.5, and you’ll be pretty close to your draw length. Some bows have a set draw length, and others are adjustable. Pay particular attention to the draw length when considering if a bow is right for you.

  • Draw Weight. Draw weight is the measure of pounds you are capable of pulling back with the bow. Draw weight is important when hunting because it directly affects the kinetic energy, and therefore the killing power, of your arrows. Generally speaking, a bow with a draw weight of 45 pounds can effectively take down a whitetail deer. For larger game, you’ll need 50 pounds or more.

Check with your state hunting regulations. Many states have minimum draw weight requirements.

Top 3 Best Bow for Hunting Reviews

1. Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Compound Bow is one of the best selling bows on the market and for a good reason. An incredibly versatile bow with an extendable draw length and adjustable draw weight, the Infinite Edge Pro can work for a young beginning shooter, an experienced adult, or anyone in between.

The draw is smooth and comfortable, while vibration on release is minimal. It is lightweight, weighing in at just over three pounds, and easy to carry, making this a great bow for all-day hunting or target shooting.

It comes ready to shoot right out of the box with everything you’ll need to get started. Sight pins, Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, quiver, peep sight, wrist sling, and stabilizer are all included in the package.

You’ll find the versatility and ease of use of the Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow make it the best bow for hunting available today.

2. Bear Archery Attitude Compound Bow

Bear has long been a respected company in the field of archery, and they deliver with their Attitude Compound Bow. Offering smooth shooting, accuracy, and low vibration, this bow is a great choice for any hunter.

This bow comes with just about everything you need to get started shooting, including quality construction, accuracy, and easy adjustability. This affordable gem shoots just like some of the more expensive brands.

It weighs just under four pounds, and the Realtree camouflage pattern and adjustable (up to 70 pounds) draw weight makes it an excellent choice for any hunting situation. Give this bow a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

3. Leader Accessories Compound Bow Hunting Bow

The draw weight and length of this bow are incredibly easy to adjust with the included Allen wrench. No costly bow press or archery store adjustments necessary. It is fast-shooting, quiet, and accurate enough to meet the demands of almost any hunter.

The only drawback to this affordable bow is its lack of included accessories. It comes with just the bare necessities, so you’ll need to purchase sights, arrow rests, and anything else you want separately. However, this does provide an excellent opportunity for customizing your hunting set-up since you aren’t limited to factory accessories.

This versatile bow comes highly recommended by many seasoned bow hunters as a great first bow to get you started in the sport; however, be Bow hunting is incredibly addictive.

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