Best -40 Sleeping Bag 2021

Temperatures can get really cold high up the mountain as you engage in outdoor activities such as camping and mountain climbing. This necessitates finding a good sleep bag that will keep you warm and dry in such extreme temperatures.

This is no easy task as most of the sleeping bags in the market have different short coming when it comes to outdoor sleeping. Some are not as warm as is needed and those that are warm are heavy and bulky.

We searched the market extensively to help in this regard. Following extensive consultations and testing, we have developed the following comprehensive guide of the best -40 sleeping bags in the market.

Let’s take a look.

Things to Consider When Buying a -40 Sleeping Bag

  • Warmth. This is the most important aspect when finding a good sleeping bag. If the bag is not able to keep you warm in the cold mountain weather then it becomes useless. The best sleeping bags are those that are insulated.

Insulated sleeping bags reflect back the heat generated from your body. By minimizing heat loss you are able remain warm and safe from the cold temperatures high up the mountain.

  • Water Proofing Ability. The best -40 sleeping bags are those that are water proof. This prevents water from slipping into the bag as you sleep and making you all wet and uncomfortable.
  • Comfort. After a hard day climbing and experiencing the outdoors, you need a comfortable sleeping pad for the night. You therefore need a sleeping bag that is well padded to make you comfortable as you sleep. It should cushion you from being pierced by intrusions on the ground.
  • Weight. Considering that you will be carrying the sleeping bag with you as you move from place to place, it needs to be light in weight so as not to put too much strain on you as you move about.

Avoid heavy and bulky sleeping bags as you will tire quickly and this will prevent you from covering a lot of ground.

Top Ten -40 Sleeping Bags Ultimate Table

PictureNameModelPriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. TETON Sports Celsius XL -32C/-25F Sleeping BagSquare $$$4.8
2. Ultralight Mummy Down Sleeping BagMummy $$$$4.8
3. Coleman Silverton 150 25 Degree Sleeping BagMummy$$4.8
4. All Season Hooded Sleeping BagSquare $$$4.7
5. Kelty Tuck 22 Degree Sleeping BagMummy $$$$4.7
6. Coleman 45 Degree Youth Sleeping BagSquare$4.6
7. Coleman Kid's 50 Degree Sleeping BagSquare $4.6
8. Coleman Trinidad Warm-Weather Sleeping BagSquare $4.4
9. Coleman North Rim Extreme Weather Sleeping BagMummy $$4.4
10. Coleman Palmetto Sleeping BagSquare $4.3

Square Sleeping Bags vs Mummy Sleeping Bags

A square sleeping bag is square at the feet and level from top to bottom. They usually have a rectangular shape from head to toe.

Mummy sleeping bags have significantly reduced volume and area. They are tapered towards the bottom and are usually accompanied by a hood.

Advantages of Square Sleeping Bags

  • They are spacious to comfortably accommodate larger framed people.
  • Two of these bags can effectively be zipped together.
  • They have ample room to move your legs and arms around. They are not restrictive.
  • Great for couples.

Advantages of Mummy Sleeping Bags

  • They have less space and are therefore great in warmth retention and regulation.
  • They are very efficient in cold weather.
  • They are usually light in weight and as such carrying them around is not all that difficult.
  • They fold up pretty easily as well.

Top 5 Best -40 Sleeping Bag Reviews

1. TETON Sports Celsius XL Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Celsius XL -32C/-25F Sleeping Bag; Free Compression Sack Included ranks as the best -40 sleeping bag in the market.

It is large enough to accommodate a large framed guy comfortably. It has plenty of room to wriggle and move about.

It is insulated and thick enough to keep you warm in the most extreme of temperatures. It has a cozy funnel lining that reflects the heat produced from your body and this way you are assured of warmth as you sleep.

The lining is soft and it feels smooth on your body. This along with the added padding contribute to increase comfort as you sleep.

It has self-repairing zippers at the top and bottom that can be adjusted to make the bag ventilated. The zippers can be used to join two of such sleeping bags together for a shared sleeping arrangement.

It has an adjustable hood as well that you can pull on when the weather gets chilly. The shell of this -40 sleeping bag is hard and this way it is resistant to tearing from the rigors of outdoor use.

All these attributes make TETON Sports Celsius XL -32C/-25F Sleeping Bag; Free Compression Sack Included the ultimate -40 sleeping bag that you can get the next time you head for an outdoor adventure.

2. Ultralight Mummy Down Sleeping Bag

Mummy bags are great -40 sleeping bags and the best of them in this regard is Ultralight Mummy Down Sleeping Bag – 15 Degree 4 Season, Lightweight Design for Backpacking, Thru Hiking, and Camping – Under 2 lbs 14 oz w/ Compression Sack.

It is made of synthetic material that works well to prevent heat loss from your body. You are therefore assured of warmth as you sleep in this sleeping bag.

It is light in weight and this way carrying it around from place to place is not tedious.

3. Coleman Silverton 150 Sleeping Bag

I would highly recommend Coleman Silverton 150 25 Degree Sleeping Bag as the sleeping bag that you should get if you are expecting extremely low temperatures.

With is mummy design it keeps you wrapped up and secured from freezing temperatures.

It is tough and durable as well and this way it does not tear easily. It is very light and moving around with this sleeping is not all that tedious.

Campers and hikers who have tried this sleeping bag will confess that it is the best in suppressing the outdoor night cold.

4. All Season Hooded Sleeping Bag

All Season Hooded Sleeping Bag [88x34in] is one of the best sleeping bags for extremely low temperatures. It features a hood that you can put on for added warmth as you sleep.

It is large enough and it can comfortably accommodated large framed people. It has zippers at the top and bottom that can be adjusted for increased ventilation.

Its high loft insulation and woven liner will keep you comfortable as you sleep.

The incredibly low price makes it a must have accessory for campers and hikers.

5. Kelty Tuck 22 Degree Sleeping Bag

This awesome mummy sleeping bag will keep you warm all night long in the most extreme of temperatures.

It is made of thermo-pro synthetic fibers that makes it perfectly insulated. This way it gets to reflect back any heat produced from your body and this goes a long way in keeping you warm as you sleep.

It is very comfortable and a night in this sleeping bag is as comfortable as it can get.

It compresses easily for packaging and is light in weight as well. All these impressive attributes make Kelty Tuck 22 Degree Sleeping Bag the ultimate -40 sleeping bag.

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