8 Things to wear when Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing can be a very enjoyable pursuit these days. However, its important to come prepared to enjoy this outdoor activity fully. If you’re going deep sea fishing for the first time, it is crucial that you take the time to learn exactly what to wear, as the conditions at sea are very different from being on land. 

Join us as we take a look at the most important things to remember to wear for your next deep sea fishing adventure.

1. Sunscreen

It will be a nice idea to safeguard your skin while venturing out for deep sea fishing. Make use of a top-quality sunscreen that will quickly soak into the skin and not run down the eyes and ultimately blurring your vision. Look for a sunscreen which does not leave any greasy residue when you wipe it, as this can make your hands slippery which is the last thing you want when trying to battle a fish. Your best option will be a formula that is oil-free, water-resistant and hypoallergenic. Make it a point to reapply sunscreen at an interval of several hours, particularly when it is quite hot out there, as there is no doubt you will end up sweating a lot more than you’ll realise.

If you are unable to easily wash your hands during your trip, its worth bringing along some baby wipes to keep your hands free of the sunscreen once you’ve applied it to keep your grip as strong as possible.

2. Make use of Base Layers

When deep sea fishing during summer, make it a point to wear a base layer by making use of a thin t-shirt or gym top.  A base layer will not only give you much needed protection from the sun, but if you choose a breathable option it will work to wick sweat and moisture away and keep you smelling fresh. Trust me, you don’t want to be smelling of fish AND sweat, just the fish smell alone will be enough to keep anyone away…

3. Hats

Hats can be great for not only cold conditions but warm ones as well; they can keep you warm in the winter but also keep the sun from burning your forehead and neck in the summer. Despite the fact that a hat liner can appear to be somewhat unconventional, it is going to keep your ears, head, as well as neck warm in case it is cold out there.

A hat which is wide-brimmed will be appropriate for your deep sea fishing voyage during summer since it will safeguard you against sunburn and overheating. A wide-brim hat is going to be the most effective covering for the head rather than a cap, and despite the fact that the conventional ball cap can help you a little a hat will be able to safeguard the head, face, ears, as well as neck effectively. It is essential to make sure that the hat has been made from a breathable material which will allow for sweat to be wicked away much easier.

4. Don’t forget a decent top

It will be possible to remain cool by putting on a nylon top above the base layer. For this, you can look for 100% nylon button-up shirts which are not only ultra-quick-dry but are likewise light and breathable. Go for shirts with long sleeves which will help to safeguard your arms because it will be possible to roll them out  and when you require, rather than risking having no protection for your forearms at all. The majority of these shirts feature front as well as back ventilation while maintaining the circulation of air as well. On the other hand, your neck will be protected from the UV rays thanks to the roll-up collars.

5. The right pair of shoes

A water-proof shoe is going to be the appropriate footwear during your deep sea fishing voyage, as it is essential for you to keep your feet comfortable and dry while fishing. A perfect option will be provided by lightweight footwear with good support on the base. You’ll want to take a shoe with good grip on the bottom as well, as the deck of a boat can get very slippery.

It is important for the upper of the footwear to conform to the foot easily. Top-quality footwear products intended for deep sea fishing are usually UV-resistant, slip-resistant, odor-resistant, as well as simple to clean.  It is also important for the fishing shoes to dry quickly, and most of them come with a drainage tunnel for removing the water from within the footwear. This will help to prevent blisters from forming on the feet. Try to look for footwear featuring elastic bungee laces because it will be possible for you to pull them tightly once they become loose because of wetness.

6. Polarized Sunglasses

It is important for any sunglasses that you bring along with you during deep sea fishing to feature UV protection; however, polarized sunglasses will be more effective since they can safeguard the eyes against the glare from the water. A pair of polarized sunglasses is an essential piece of kit for fishing, but don’t worry if you haven’t got a pair. Deep sea fishing doesn’t rely as heavily on seeing below the surface of the water, but if you have a pair then definitely take them along.

7. Fishing gloves

Your charter will most likely provide you with a pair of gloves, but if you are going out solo or with a friend then make sure to have your own pair. Not only will a pair of gloves protect you hands from the sun in hot weather (something people tend to forgot about), but they will provide much needed protection when handling sharp items such as fishing hooks or even the gills of some fish.

8. A life jacket

Life jackets are an essential piece of equipment to wear whilst deep sea fishing if you are a beginner or not confident in the water. It can take years to get used to standing up on a deep sea fishing boat during a swell and all it takes is one simple mistake to fall overboard. Safety must always come first, and although every boat will have a float to throw in the water to make sure you’re safe, wearing a life jacket can add that much needed feeling of safety and security.