10 Best Monoculars for Hunting 2021

A pair of decent monoculars can be a game changer when it comes to your hunting experience. Big game hunters in open surfaces usually spend hours glassing, using their monoculars to find animals. This is referred to as spot and stock, and the guide below will help you choose from the ten best monoculars for hunting in 2021. You can check out the top ten list right below if you are in a hurry to see our top picks.

Things to Consider Before Buying Monoculars for Hunting

There are different monocular variations in the market. Below are some essential factors that will guide you in making the correct purchase.


List down your intended use when choosing different magnification levels. Even though monoculars do essentially the same thing, there are models with varying magnification that work best for each specific usage.

Buying monoculars with the highest magnification is not always the best idea. Sometimes, the higher the magnification, the less clear the image will be. If you are going hunting, 12x magnification is recommended since the field of view is not significantly affected.

If you are hunting on a relatively smaller open area, then a moderate 8x is recommended since it does not in any way interfere with the field of view and gives you the best image quality.

Lens Coating

This is where matters get complicated pretty fast. Monoculars, just like binoculars, are complex, having many air to glass touch points. The different coatings used on a monocular can dramatically improve the technical performance of the optics. Such coatings also help to repel moisture and image clarity.

Multi-coated lenses are standard among monocular users having moderate to low price range monoculars. They help provide the functionality required of lens coatings, such as good light transmission and is waterproof.

The quality of lens coating increases with the price of the monoculars. However, even the moderately priced multi-coated lens is just as good and functional as required.

Size and Weight

Monoculars are mostly preferred in outdoor activities because they are lighter than binoculars. Luckily, you can find monoculars small enough to accommodate your hunting activities if you are looking for easy portability. The heavier the monoculars, the bigger the burden you feel when hunting, especially if you have to run for your life-or the game’s.

Lens diameter

Monocular lenses come in different diameter variations. The size of your lens matter, especially if you are concerned about the field of view or the brightness of the image. The wider the objective lens, the bigger the field of view.

Unfortunately, bigger objective lenses do not guarantee clear image quality. Smaller lenses can rival bigger lenses when it comes to showing good image quality.

Accessories and Features

You would not want to miss some cool features when purchasing monoculars, for instance, inert gas-filled optics. The best monoculars for hunting in 2021 are O-ring sealed and are filled with inert gas to prevent your optics from fogging or blurring anytime there is a temperature change. The gas also increases your image quality while keeping water and debris from your monocular.

You can also choose to get additional features to accompany your monocular. As irrelevant as it may sound, some monoculars come with tripods. Tripods are excellent if you have shaky fingers and you also want to stabilize focus on your prey. However, more accessories mean more luggage when going hunting.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is especially crucial for those who wear glasses. A good monocular allows you space for your glasses, which means you will be able to view images fully and clearer than before. The minimum recommended eye relief should be approximately 14mm for individuals wearing glasses. Fortunately, it is not much of a concern if you don’t wear glasses.


Ten Best Monoculars for Hunting 2021

  1. Gosky 12×55 High Definition Monocular

Obviously one of the best monoculars available in the market today, this 12×55 high power magnification is the perfect option for outdoor adventure. With the best 55mm large FMC objective wide lens, your game will appear so up and close you’d start to get excited.

It has an upgraded 20mm multi-layer eyepiece and large BAK-4 Prism that guarantees you superb clarity and brightness. The monocular has a non-slip rubber armor that absorbs shock and ensuring a firm grip. The rubber armor, most importantly, ensures its durability.

It comes with a quick smartphone holder that allows you to mount your smartphone to take pictures and videos. Its argon purging provides a fully waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, and fog proof experience. The Gosky 12×55 option has adjustable eye cups that twist up and down for comfortable viewing whether you are wearing glasses or not.

At the base of the tripod, there is a tripod mount thread that is compatible with standard tripods.

Specific Features

  •   18mm exit relief
  •    4.2mm exit pupil
  •   325 ft/1000 yards field of view
  •   2.5mm minimum focus distance
  •     15.85oz
  •    6.5 degrees field angle


  •    It is made of durable material
  •     It is ideal for outdoor activities, such as hiking, hunting, wildlife and scenery watching, climbing, and much more.
  •    It has long eye-relief and adjustable eye cups.
  •     It provides bright and crystal clear images for your hunting purposes.
  •    It is waterproof, dust, and fog proof.
  •    It is compact and portable.
  •     It is really affordable for its quality features.


  •     The optics are not as excellent as top-quality options.
  1. Vortex Optics Solo monocular

Vortex Optics is one of the best optics manufacturers in the market and is popular among hunters. This solo R/T (Recon and Tactical) 8×36 monocular is the best equipment for your hunting needs and is reasonably priced under $200 to fit your budget.

The Solo R/T monocular comes with a powerful 8x magnification and a 36mm wide objective lens that is perfect for long-range observation and distance estimation. The Solo R/T comes with a fully multi-coated lens with anti-reflective coatings, thus ensuring superb light gathering capabilities in minimal light situations.

It comes with adjustable flared up eyecups that block extraneous light and allows for use with glasses. The Solo R/T monocular has a rubber armor for additional grip and durability. Moreover, it comes with a utility clip which easily attaches to a belt or vest for easy access during use.

The Solo R/T device comes with a larger focus wheel and a smaller reticle focus that allows you to focus properly on the image and reticle for the best target milling capability.


  •     It is small and compact for strenuous outdoor activities
  •   It is perfect for users with or without glasses
  •    It is highly durable
  •    The monocular is perfect for rugged outdoor use and is waterproof.


  •   It is a bit pricier than other options.
  1. Bushnell Night Vision Equinox Monocular

Are you looking to do some night-time hunting? Try the Bushness Equinox Z2 Night Vision Monocular that comes with a 6x magnification, which honestly is bigger than most of its night vision competitors. It is water-resistant and has a light gathering tool that is packed in a 50mm lens.

This Bushnell masterpiece comes with a Wifi enabled feature that allows you to live-stream footage directly to your mobile device. It also allows you to zoom in on the video, control image capture, and brightness.

It has an on-board Infrared (IR) illuminator that allows long-range subjects and objects to be viewed day and night comfortably. Unfortunately, this cool feature drains the monocular’s batteries.

Specific Features

  •  10m field of view
  •   15mm eye relief
  •     Weighs 765g


  •     It is perfect for night vision
  •   It is Wifi enabled, thus easy connectivity to your mobile devices
  •    It captures high definition 1080p video day or night.
  •     It comes with accessories, such as a carrying case and an instruction manual.
  •    It is waterproof


  •  The IR light drains batteries fast
  •   There are no batteries included out of the box.
  1. Hawke Nature-Trek Monocular (Perfect for Hunting)

This multi-purpose monocular offers decent features and specs at fair prices. The Hawke 8×42 monocular that weighs slightly over 300g is an ideal general-purpose tool to go hunting with. It provides a wide-angle field of view and a pretty decent 8x magnification. Fortunately, there is another option for 10x magnification if you need more power.

The 8x42mm option comes with a high-resolution BAK-4 roof prism that provides accurate color definition even in dim light situations. It has fully multi-coated optics to give you superb sharp images. The three-positions eyecups allow you a full field of view.

It comes in a shock-resistant polycarbonate build cased in textured rubber for additional grip and durability of the monocular. The Hawke 8×42 comes with two turns of the focus wheel, making it smooth and precise.


  •     It is compact and lightweight
  •     It is fast focusing.
  •     It is fairly priced
  •   It is also good for general outdoor purposes


  •   It does not have night vision
  •    It lacks a compass.

  1. Zeiss MiniQuick 5×10 Monocular

What about a monocular the size of a pen? The Zeiss is the perfect example of a spy gadget that will have you looking like an undercover hunter. It is one of the best inventions from leading optical expert Carl Zeiss.

Surprisingly, this monocular is no bigger than a fountain pen. Luckily, its small and compact size makes it extremely portable. It comes with its own handy pocket clip to keep it safe.

Despite its small size, the Zeiss MiniQuick monocular offers an enjoyable experience with 5x magnification and a 10mm wide objective lens. It also comes with a 16.5mm eye relief for easy use. the monocular features a Schmidt-Pechan roof style prism that allows for the straight compact design. It also has an anti-reflective coating to minimize surface reflections and ensure a clear picture.

The manufacturer claims it is adequately sealed to withstand water spray. However, this does not mean you should risk diving underwater with this monocular tucked in your pockets. It is ultimately designed for the hunter looking for a lighter load coupled with great functionality.


  •     It is well-built
  •   It is small and compact
  •     It is useful for short and long-range observation.


  •   It is costly for its size if you are one to consider the size.
  •     It only has 5x magnification.
  1. VIVREAL Monocular Telescope

This 12×50 high power magnification monocular is also a favorite for the hunters who know what they are looking for in a monocular. The 12x magnification and 50mm wide object lens allow you bright and clear images. This equipment has a wide field of view (360 ft/1000 yards), providing you with a generous view of your hunting grounds.

VIVREAL monoculars are equipped with the latest optics technology, the BAK-4 Prism, and a fully multi-coated lens that allows full light transmission and brightness. It features an ergonomic design that helps you focus even with one hand. The rubber armor makes it easy to grip and ensures durability.

The equipment is IPX7 nitrogen-filled waterproof featuring a fog-resistant coating and O-ring sealed optics to keep it clean at all times. It also has a 2020 fast-alignment smartphone holder and tripods.


  •     Phone mount capable
  •    It is waterproof, dust and fog proof, as well as durable.
  • It has a lightweight and slim design making it portable.


  •     The tripod needs upgrading to match the monocular’s style and quality feel.
  1. Leica Monovid 8×20 Monocular 40390

This is ultimately the best outdoor activity monocular though it is top-quality and does not come cheap. Along with impressive build quality, you are buying a splash of elegance, style, and efficiency.

The Leica Monovid has a strong and lightweight aluminum housing weighing 112g and is nitrogen-filled to avoid internal fogging. It also has waterproof features that allow it to be submerged to depths of approximately 5 meters. The monocular offers 8x magnification at lengths as close as 25cm and comes with a 20mm wide object lens.

It is comfortable in your hands owing to its rugged surface and has a 15mm eye relief, which is excellent even for users wearing glasses. It also has a handy central focusing knob for optimum focus.


  •   It has an impressive build quality.
  •  It is watertight up to depths of 4.8-5m.
  •    It is stylish, elegant, and, most importantly, powerful for long-distance hunters.


  •     Regardless of high-quality optics, it is extremely expensive.
  1. Roxant Grip Scope

This high-definition wide view monocular is designed with optical glass that is fully multi-coated and has a BAK-4 Prism that guarantees you superior brightness and light transmission for clear viewing.

It comes with a 6x magnification and a 30mm wide object lens that allows a clear high-definition viewing experience. It features a retractable eyecup for users with or without glasses. It also has a carrying pouch with a belt loop.

As the name suggests, it has a no-slip comfort molded grip for easy handling in case you have shaky fingers. It is solidly built and is lightweight for the perfect outdoor adventures.

The extra accessories include a neck strap and a cleaning cloth.


  •   It comes with additional functional accessories.
  •    It is small and lightweight.
  •     It is reasonably priced at less than $100.
  •     It has an impressive field of view (180m/1000m)


  •    It only has 6x magnification.
  1. Celestron Oceana 8×42 Monocular 71212

The Celestron Oceana is notorious for its stability. It features a wide view that helps you keep objects in sight, even when you are in motion during your hunting trip. This monocular features a built-in compass that helps hunters and sailors set a course and stick to it. It also has an integrated reticle to assist in determining the distance to objects on the horizon.

It offers a generous 8x magnification on a 42mm wide object lens. The Celestron Oceana also has clear viewing thanks to the premium BAK-4 Prism and fully multi-coated lenses. It is also fog proof and waterproof, making it practical in harsh weather conditions.

The monocular comes with a few accessories: an instruction manual, a quick-detach lanyard, an eyepiece cover, lens cloth, attachable objective cover, and a belt-attachable carrying case.


  •   It has an illuminated compass
  •     It has a wide field of view
  •    It allows for one-handed focus
  •    It is waterproof and fog proof
  •    It is convenient to carry
  •     It has an 18mm eye relief.


  •     It is a little pricier than other model yet still affordable.
  1. TASCO Essentials Roof Prism Monocular

It is one of the most affordable monoculars to make this review list. It is priced at less than $20 and still offers great features to assist you while hunting. It has a large field of view of 288 at 151 meters, making it ideal for outdoor use. The monocular offers a 10x magnification, which is stronger than its pricier competitors. On top of that, it also has a 25mm wide object lens, which is good enough for outdoor purposes.

It features a black rubber armor and a hand strap, making it extremely durable and safe for use. Moreover, it is ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable handling.

The TASCO monocular has a fully coated optic lens that allows for a crystal clear view during your outdoor activities. Other features include;

  •   It also has roof prisms.
  •     It weighs 0.08kg


  •     It is made from 100% high-quality materials.
  • It has a sleek ergonomic design
  •    It is light and portable.
  •     It provides a wide field of view.


  •   The optics are not as good as those in top-quality options.

It is the most affordable monocular, with good features. The low price should not be used to determine its functionality. It offers more compared to other options that are a little more expensive.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the ten best monoculars 2021 has to offer. They are designed using top-quality, durable materials that ensure they stay waterproof, dust or debris proof, and fog proof. They will ultimately serve your hunting needs even in harsh weather conditions. Moreover, they are lightweight and portable, making them the most preferred monoculars for hunting or outdoor activities generally. Be sure to have factors to consider before making a purchase.